Any Excuse For Obama-Hate

Kayla Jean Mueller, a brave American who had been held hostage by murderous Islamist freaks, is dead. Naturally, rather than honor her Christian service to others—her Christian service to Muslims who were suffering—this is a time for right-wing haters to celebrate their pathological contempt for President Obama.

Commenting on an article on The Wall Street Journal website (“U.S. Confirms Death of American Hostage Kayla Mueller”), the haters wasted no time:

President Barack Obama in a statement offered condolences to the Mueller family and vowed to bring those responsible for her death to justice.
Hey Barry, look in the mirror!
Robert Eisenhauer 
“President (sic) Obama Vows to Find and Bring Justice…”

Lovely!  Our Muslim-Marxist EO-dispenser is going to “bring to justice” those who behead women and burn men alive.  Someday.  Perhaps.

Sure wish we had an American president, FEARED by our enemies! One who understands enemies like ISIS need to be turned into ash, and all of their assets in molten ruins, right now.  We do not have such a president.


I hope every reader of this brief article goes to FOX online today and listen to Katherine Herridges’s (sp?) video for more details.  It is time to stop politely speculating that Obama is not serious about fighting terrorism.  He is a Muslim sympathizer.  When he is out of office, I hope he is charged with complicity in the death of this woman. He is a dreadful human being and we should be ashamed we elected this man twice.

I remind you that those comments were among the first to go up on WSJ’s website this morning. More, and worse, will certainly follow.

But none of them will be as bad as what a commenter posted on what, these days, is a mainstream right-wing website: The site published an article (“OBAMA VOWS JUSTICE AFTER ISIS KILLS AMERICAN HOSTAGE KAYLA JEAN MUELLER”) that as of right now (11:15am) features the following comment (I had to censor the photograph for you because it is gruesome):

obama and isis photo from breitbart

I don’t know what kind of mind would want to capture and hold and likely kill a 26-year-old girl doing humanitarian work mostly to benefit Muslims suffering unspeakable horrors. And I don’t know what kind of mind would want to cut off the head of a man who also came to help the victims of violence in and around Syria. And I certainly don’t have the slightest idea what kind of mind would cut off a man’s head and place it on his back and take a picture of the scene and proudly send that picture all around the world.

But whatever kind of mind it is that could conceive and carry out such atrocities, that mind may not be all that far removed from the kind of mind that would make a sick joke and attach the picture above, a picture taken by Islamist killers and doctored for a laugh, to an article announcing the tragic and heartbreaking death of a beautiful American girl, inside and out.

Or the kind of mind that would allow such a photograph to remain on a popular conservative website.



  1. Teresa Martin

     /  February 10, 2015

    Republicans always like to say that Democrats were just as disrespectful to President Bush. If anyone criticized President Bush or his policies, they were called “unpatriotic”. Republicans/Tea Party members have shown nothing but ugly, racist hatred toward this man whom they can’t even refer to as “President”. The internet has certainly revealed the true feelings of many people in our country and the level of their hatred is frightening.


  2. Troy

     /  February 10, 2015

    A republican Fox News type would. For the life of me I can’t see why anybody would belong to that party. It’s an awful selfish place to be. But I have to ask why Americans still go to those places. There is plenty of the same work to do here.


    • Yes, there is plenty of work to do here. But the misery associated with the psychopathic extremists in Syria and elsewhere is something that most people here in the states to not understand or appreciate. There are millions of innocent men, women, and children who have been driven from their homes and are forced to live in refugee camps and survive on the charity of others. It is really something that is under-reported in our media. The misery is something we just don’t want to contemplate. This courageous young woman wanted to do something about it and I can’t fault her for that. She represents the best of the human spirit.


  3. ansonburlingame

     /  February 11, 2015


    My decidedly left leaning spouse read online today about some considerations on Obama’s part related to “boots on the ground” in the Middle East. It scared her, a lot, just reading the headline. But more important, her comment was right on the mark. She said, “We have never won an asymetrical war”.

    Perhaps she has heard me speak too frequently on that topic. Certainly she has no background to understand “asymetrical warfare”, or as we used to call it in Vietnam “limited war”. Another more recent phrase is a “lily pad” system of defenses. But background or not her comment was valid in my view.

    Since 1950, the First Gulf War being the one exception, America fails again and again to understand how to achieve National Objectives in “asymetrrical” (“limited”, “lily pad”) geopolitical conflicts. Never again, we said, nationally, after Vietnam, but ………

    Today our declared National Objective against ISIS is “degrade and ultimately destroy ISIS”. At least that is the best I can come up with to reflect my own understanding of what America is trying to do under President Obama’s leadership. As we have found, repeatedly since 9/11 that is very hard to do, asymetrically.

    Our entire National Command Authority, our whole structure for American “defense” has struggled for decades now, regardless of GOP or Democratic leadership, with the Gordian Knot of “limited war”. In that sense today, ISIS and the battles in Ukraine have distinct simiilarities in terms of clearly stating National Objectives and creating the means to achieve them in a UNITED America, a country where the vast majority of citizens accept the leadership of the NCA, led by any President.

    Finally, I read in this morning’s Globe of two men now being sought for assualting a man in bed, dousing him with flamable liquids and setting him afire, right here in rual SW Missouri. We have the ideas of ISIS right here at home it seems.



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