The Magic Condom

In case you haven’t noticed, Hillary Clinton is running for president. We know this by the amount of scrutiny she and her husband are receiving from right-wingers and from that famous publication that right-wingers hate because it is so liberal and left-wing, The New York Times.

The latest “scandal” involving Mrs. Clinton was published overnight by the Times as a front-page story, “Hillary Clinton Used Personal Email Account at State Dept., Possibly Breaking Rules.” Note the word “possibly” in that headline. Time will tell whether rules or laws were broken, but we don’t have to wait for sober analysis. We have cable TV! The conclusion jumping by talking heads began this morning.

MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough said, with no disagreement on the Morning Joe set, the following:

In 2015 it’s a terrible breach of public trust and a lack of transparency and it does feed into a narrative.

That narrative, of course, is mostly a right-wing narrative (but there are some lefties who have advanced the narrative, too) that says the Clinton’s are totally political creatures, who sneak around the rules and the law and have perfected the art of lying through their teeth.

A version of that narrative has been around since the Clintons hit the national stage, and voters mostly ignored it and elected Bill twice. Hillary became a U.S. Senator from New York, a place she did not live until she decided to run for office there. So, despite the problems the Clinton’s have had, people still like them. A lot.

This latest revelation from The New York Times follows a Washington Post story about the Clinton Foundation: “Foreign governments gave millions to foundation while Clinton was at State Dept.” The most damaging charge in that story was that the foundation took money from the Algerian embassy—an unsolicited $500,000 was given to The Clinton Foundation Haiti Relief fund just after the catastrophic earthquake in Haiti in 2010—without proper clearance from the State Department, which Hillary Clinton was running at the time.

Now, I personally find it a problem that foreign governments and Hillary Clinton have monetary relationships, however attenuated. That’s because I find money and politics a bad mix. They should be decoupled from each other. Forever. But I also find the hypocrisy among Republicans on this issue both appalling and laughable.

At the Conservative Political Action Conference last week, the chairman of the Republican National Committee, a schmuck named Reince Priebus, declared Hillary Clinton unfit to be president because of her relationship with money:

I don’t know how she does her job as president. How is it possible that the frontrunner of the Democratic Party is going to be president of the United States when she’s taking money while she’s representing the United States as secretary of state?

Several CPAC speakers took a shot at Clinton for the money thing. Even Shrub III joined in on the fun. When the Talking Turd, Sean Hannity, asked Bush for a lightning response to the words “Hillary Clinton,” Shrub said, “foreign fundraising.” Ha! Very funny! And very odd. In 2013, Jeb gave an award to Hillary Clinton “in recognition of her lifelong career in public service and her ongoing advocacy efforts on behalf of women and girls around the globe.” Oops!

Speaking of Oops, former Texas governor Rick Perry, hoping people will forget how forgetful he is, also worried about the effects of money on Mrs. Clinton. He told CNN:

Are you going to trust an individual who has taken that much money from a foreign source? Where’s your loyalty? I’m really concerned, not just going forward, but what has been received at the Clinton Foundation over the course of years and how that affects this individual’s judgment.

Hmm. That’s very interesting. Since the infamous Citizens United decision—since the Supreme Court authorized the purchase of our democracy by the rich—all I have heard from Republicans is that money and politics belong together, that politicians and donors can get in bed and bang till dawn and the politician will get up, leave a quick thank you note, and owe nothing to the donor. That’s what I have heard for years now. Money doesn’t corrupt people or the system. The more money the better I am told.

magic condomExcept that all of a sudden there is concern that Hillary Clinton will be influenced by money that her and her husband’s charitable foundation has received from rich people and foreign governments. I don’t get it.

Oh, wait. I do get it. Republican politicians can bang rich donors, or get banged by rich donors, and their prophylactic God-granted goodness will protect them from corruption. If Democrats do it, they don’t have a righteous rubber and they will get the horrible disease.

See how easy that is to understand? It’s all in the condom.



  1. Bbob

     /  March 3, 2015

    I chuckled. But there is truth there.


  2. Our problem as thinking human beings, and as liberals, is that we persist in using logic in our arguments about the conservative point of view and conservative behavior.

    The far right, and the religious right, have no such restrictions. They know that all they have to do to win is to utter one of the conservative “Hot-button” phrases, and that most of their followers will fall in lock step with them and echo those phrases. They are adept at inventing these phrases and using them to convince their followers, and sometimes not-followers, that the conservative right and religious right know what they are talking about.

    One of the phrases is “trickle down economics”. Most people who know anything about economics, human behavior, and Reagan understand that TDE is utter and absolute bovine fecal material.

    How many other “Hot button” phrases from the right can you come up with? The characteristics should be as above – effective with right-wing followers, total BS, and short and “sweet”.

    Some entries from my experience are:
    Anchor babies
    Welfare queens
    Voter fraud
    Secret Muslim
    Born in Africa
    You lie! (maybe my own outrage at work here)
    Put God back in America
    American Exceptionalism

    Allow can do effectively is show these BS phrases to be false every time we hear them. Getting the right to listen, however, is dicey, at best. Perhaps we will convince others who are on the fence.


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