“I Am Leaving The Country,” Patriot Rush Limbaugh Said Five Years Ago. Except, He’s Still Here

I don’t think I’ve ever referenced Al Sharpton, but the following short segment he did on his show on Tuesday should be seen by all who value the, uh, integrity of a fading, but still diabolically influential, Rush Limbaugh:



  1. Troy

     /  March 11, 2015

    Luv it! I remember him saying that too! Phony prick. There were several other folks who vowed to relocate, but all are still here. Even Hannity was leaving New York because his taxes were to high. Still there. They stay because their making to much money here. And they are all about the money. I wish the fuck they would leave this country. Good ridence! Please get out!


  2. Was I naive back around 1990 when I actually expressed the opinion that Limbaugh “well articulated and well represented” the conservative conversation?


    • No. I think he perfectly articulates and represents what is, especially these days, the conservative conversation. Back in 1990 there weren’t as many conservatives like him in elected office, but now there is and he is their spokesman, whether they will admit to it or not. His brand of conservatism has become the norm of the Republican Party, not the exception.


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