Our Criminal “Justice” System

Democrats of all persuasions, Bernie-ites and Bernie-lites, should be grateful for Saint, I mean, Senator Elizabeth Warren. Everyone should spend nine minutes watching her “two legal systems” speech below:


Here’s a link to the report she mentions in the video (“Rigged Justice: 2016: How Weak Enforcement Let’s Corporate Offenders Off Easy”). The report, which Warren’s office released,

highlights 20 of the most egregious civil and criminal cases during the past year in which federal settlements failed to require meaningful accountability to deter future wrongdoing and to protect taxpayers and families. […]

The 20 cases highlighted in Rigged Justice illustrate problematic enforcement patterns by federal agencies across a range of areas, from financial crimes to student loan rip-offs to auto safety violations to environmental disasters. In many of the cases described in the report, corporations reached settlements with the federal government that required no admission of guilt and held no individual executives accountable.




  1. How much of this is Eric Holder’s fault?


    • I wondered the same thing. I’m sure he shoulders some responsibility, but as Warren points out, some statutes are written so narrowly to protect certain classes of criminals that prosecutors’ hands are tied. Plus, some of the financial cases are notoriously complicated and there is a fear that jurors won’t understand the nature of the violations. Thus, the plea deals that drive us crazy and make a mockery of justice.


  2. The way things are going these days, maybe it’s time to extend Secret Service protection to liberals in Congress?


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