Let’s Dispel With This Fiction That Marco Rubio Doesn’t Know What He’s Doing

Chris Christie, whose San Andreas-size faults should scare away any trembling voter, has nevertheless done the country, as well as his party, a big favor. He has exposed Marco Rubio as a shallow opportunist, something those of us who have followed his Tea Party career have always known.

marcobotBut as some critics have noted, Christie’s gift wasn’t just in the way he got Rubio to repeat the same phrase time after time (“Let’s dispel with this fiction that Barack Obama doesn’t know what he’s doing. He knows exactly what he’s doing“) on the debate stage a few days ago. It was getting him to repeat an idea that is so utterly stupid and anti-American that it will be difficult for any Republican nominee to utter it again, at least in the form Rubio did. They’ll have to be more creative when they want to claim that Obama, and by extension the eventual Democratic nominee, purposely want to destroy the country. And for that, the Republican Party itself owes Chris Christie, who will never be president, some props.

Now, you gotta hand it to Rubio. He ain’t backing down. He and most Republican Party primary voters actually believe this dookey, even if many of them will reject Rubio’s robotics in saying so. This morning, on CNN’s New Day, Rubio’s Communications Director—I repeat: this guy is the director of communications for Marco Rubio—said this stuff “Is what Marco believes,” then bizarrely but quite accurately cited a number of talk radio nuts as support. CNN’s Chris Cuomo cleared up exactly what the message is, when he asked the communications director, “So, the senator really believes that President Obama is intentionally trying to destroy the country?” And the communications director said, “Absolutely. And all the evidence confirms that.”

Below is part of the segment, and as you watch it, keep in mind that as dumb as Marco Rubio sounded repeating it during the last debate, and as dumb as his communications guy sounded defending it and expanding on it this morning, the accusation that Democrats want to destroy their own country will most definitely exit the lips of some future Republican nominee, in some form or another:



  1. Hmm. I guess Rubio is right, Obama does want to destroy some parts of America at least. For example, the part that treats corporations like people, the part that coddles Wall Street financiers to ease regulation on the big banks, the part that wants to pay for infrastructure with regressive sales taxes, the part that mires millions in inescapable college debt, the part that keeps leadership’s color mostly white, and the part that spends most of the federal budget on defense weapon systems that are gold-plated versions of those of the last (cold) war the military doesn’t want or need. Yep, he clearly wants to destroy that America. Got it.


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