“This Man Scares Me.”

On Thursday night on CNN I finally saw the viral video that has been fascinating people for some time now. Bill Bogert, a Republican actor who turned away from the Republican Party because of the candidacy of an unpredictable extremist named Barry Goldwater in 1964, made an ad for Lyndon Johnson’s campaign. It’s strangely relevant to what is happening today. Here it is:

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  1. This is a good reminder that some stuff that didn’t happen, might have. What if:

    Goldwater had become president and nuked China or Russia?
    Harry Truman had allowed Douglas MacArthur to nuke China?
    John Kennedy had lived and the Vietnam war never happened?
    Richard Nixon restrained himself from spying on the Dems at the Watergate?
    The SCOTUS had ruled for Gore over Bush and Iraq War II never happened?

    Elections matter. Presidents matter. A lot. Anything is possible.



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