The Drumpf Is Still A Drumpf

Much has been made of the “change in tone” of the Republican front-runner’s victory speech last night in New York. He actually got a ton of credit from media personalities for not calling Cruz “Lyin Ted” for a change. And suddenly the nationally unpopular GOP leader has been getting a lot of credit from journalists for being “more disciplined” as a candidate. Well, as Antonin Scalia might say if he weren’t permanently visiting that great hunting ground in the sky, what a load of jiggery-pokery. Once a Drumpf always a Drumpf.

I don’t give a damn if he tidies up his act for the cameras, now that some real professionals are taking over his campaign, replacing the creepy groupies who have helped him get this far in a creepy Republican primary. He can’t un-birth his birtherism. He can’t un-bigot himself. He can’t take back all those nasty things he said about Mexicans and Muslims. He can’t suddenly cast away the David Duke-ish nature of his quasi-racist campaign or slither away from his slimy, misogynistic meanderings. He paladino and trump.jpgcan put on a Mr. Rogers mask, but underneath there will always be a Drumpf peeking out.

Just last night, while trying to sound “presidential,” there stood behind the GOP buffoon one of the most buffoonish characters in New York Republican politics, second only to Drumpf himself. His name is Carl Paladino, a prominent Drumpf surrogate who ran for governor in 2010 and promptly got crushed by Andrew Cuomo because, well, the guy is a weirdo. Oh, and he likes to promote racism, too.

And what I found amazing about all the cable TV coverage of Drumpf’s decisive victory last night, coverage in which he was given too much credit for changing his manners, no one on TV, at least that I saw, mentioned that Carl Paladino was standing right behind him on th20100409-g67jy9ubexh98eptq85jiykxjte stage. Why is that? In all the rush to anoint an allegedly new and improved GOP presidential candidate, why wouldn’t it be relevant to mention that the “more disciplined” Drumpf was sharing the stage with someone who was caught forwarding racist emails, one of which depicted President Obama as a pimp and his wife as a hooker, and another—once all the rage on white supremacist websites—that was titled “Obama Inauguration Rehearsal” and featured a video of African tribesmen dancing? Is this the way the straight media are going to cover a slicker Drumpf from now on? Just ignore shit?

I doubt it. After journalists get over the shock of Drumpf’s slight change in campaign etiquette, Hillary Clinton will be around to remind them all of just how bad even a lipsticked Drumpf really is.



  1. Well said, Duane.

    Considering Trump’s impressive win in New York, maybe it is time to reexamine those “values”. Or, maybe someone cloned Archie Bunker up there?


  2. melk39

     /  April 22, 2016

    This is not getting much traction in the mainstream media but here is Mr. Palodino waxing poetic on Tuesday night after the victory.

    “p]eople who get on the Trump bus are people that are very, very frustrated with their government as it’s been.”
    “It doesn’t matter what kind of person is the exterminator, they want the raccoons out of the basement,” he declared.
    “We’ll have to stop there,” NPR host David Green interrupted, quickly ending the interview.that the current President was a “raccoon in the attic”.

    Now maybe because I am a son of the south of a certain age who grew hearing African Americans called the second syllable of Palodino’s term by what my folks referred to as “low class whites”, but I am just flabbergasted that a guy who ran for governor of New York and a close Trump supporter can get away with that language and not be scorched for it. Or that Trump is that not asked to disavow it, especially in light of his “confusion” around David Duke and Klan support. Yet another example of a different set of rules for the The Donald and every other candidate.

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    • Thanks for mentioning that nasty comment. I had thought about including it, but I wasn’t sure that people these days, especially younger people, had heard the term “coon” applied to African-Americans and I didn’t want to go through an explanation of it. I grew up in southeast Kansas and I was very familiar with it, but these days it seems to have gone out of fashion for bigots. I don’t know if Paladino knew what he was saying, but I do know he doesn’t get the benefit of the doubt with me. Those emails he forwarded are sufficient grounds to make a prima facie case against him.

      You make a larger and important point about the press not forcing Drumpf to account for such a statement. This has been an ongoing problem. Journalists have a thousand things they could ask him about all the utter nonsense and bigotry he and his surrogates have said during this campaign. And because there are so many things, most of them get lost. And because this race has been about insults and infighting, the focus of their attention has been on that, rather than on the bigotry and ignorance that is the heart of Drumpf’s campaign for president. 

      And, yes, there are a different set of rules for him. Just look at how Hillary is treated by the press. If she mentions she carries a bottle of hot sauce with her everywhere she goes, she gets accused of pandering to African-Americans–I heard this on MSNBC’s Morning Joe one recent morning. Except that it is a well-known fact that she loves hot peppers and that she has in fact carried a bottle of sauce around with her for years. Different standards for her. Always has been and always will be. 


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