The Worst Thing That Could Happen To Hillary Just Happened

No, no, no. She didn’t get arrested by the FBI, for God’s sake. Stop worrying about that email stuff for a minute.

Look at this headline from USA Today this morning, the day after Tiny Hands became the GOP “presumptive” nominee:

Looking to November: Clinton leads Trump by double-digits in new poll

That poll was a CNN/ORC poll released yesterday. If you were listening to any news, especially on CNN and other cable news channels, you are well aware of that poll. CNN promoted it constantly and other outlets frequently mentioned it in connection with their coverage of Drumpf’s hostile takeover of the Republican Party. The poll shows Clinton with a 54-41 advantage, which seems like good news for Democrats.

It ain’t.

What will happen, inevitably, is that the race will tighten up, just like it did between Hillary and Bernie. That tends to be the way these races work. And when it does tighten up, CNN and other outlets will then herald Drumpf’s “dramatic” surge and Hillary’s “dramatic” decline. I promise you it will work that way, even if the numbers move just a little bit Drumpf’s way.

The truth is that the news business needs a big brawl to break out between the two candidates this summer and fall and they need a close race. They are looking for profits and there is no profit in a 54-41 race. Just this morning I heard CNN’s Alisyn Camerota (formerly of Fox) try to get Hillary’s top strategist and pollster, Joel Benenson, to tell us why Hillary refused to call Drumpf a racist yesterday, after she was asked about Elizabeth Warren’s truth-tweet about Tiny Hands:

warren tweet.jpg

For good reason Clinton didn’t take Anderson Cooper’s bait when he asked her, point-blank, whether she thought Drumpf was a racist. Smartly, she said she’d let voters decide that. And she did something else that was smart. After Cooper read that Warren tweet and asked Clinton if she agreed with it, she said,

I think Elizabeth Warren is really smart.

Then she chuckled, letting everyone know that she agrees with Warren but isn’t dumb enough to fall for the trick of outright saying Drumpf is a racist. Such an admission is exactly what Cooper was aiming for and he missed. Clinton is too disciplined to go there. She will let others do that for her because if she comes right out, at least at this point, and calls Short Fingers a racist, that’s all people would be talking about today. And it would only help him because it would make it about that one issue and the rest of his nonsense and ignorance and bigotry would fade away.

So, Democrats, get used to this sort of thing. And realize that Drumpf will rise in the polls, as time passes. And the media business will make a lot out of his rise and so will he. Just don’t panic. Keep telling your friends and neighbors and family members, those who are tempted to vote for Drumpf, that you will never speak to them again, if they vote for a man so utterly unfit for any elected office, much less the most powerful office in the world.

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