The Grand Orange Party

This Thursday Drumpf will meet with some of the GOP bigwigs in Congress, including the Speaker of the House, who hasn’t quite got both feet on the crazy train. Their hopes are that they will either find out Drumpf has just been pretending to be a fool on the campaign trail or that he is someone whom they can mold into a real conservative nutjob, as opposed to just a nutjob.

In any case, it’s hard to tell these days whether some conservatives are afraid Drumpf will lose in November or are afraid that he will win. Famous right-winger Bill Kristol, who has correctly pronounced Drumpf as unfit to be president, was on TV this morning all worried about the latest polling—the meat and potatoes of TV journalism these days—in Ohio and Pennsylvania and Florida that shows the race is really, really close. Drumpf might win! Who’da thunk it? Kristol is doing his best to get someone like Mittens to run as a third party candidate. Good luck with that, Bill. I’m rooting for ya.

Here’s the deal, though. As Kristol suggests, GOP leaders in Congress, along with governors and other politicians with clout, can “normalize” Drumpf. They can do so in several ways. They can fully embrace him and say good things about him. Or they can half embrace him and say he is a work in progress. Or they can sort of slink away without saying anything. No matter how it happens, if they don’t come out and tell the world that Drumpf is not presidential material, they will legitimate him, put their stamp of approval on him, and thereby signal to voters that it is okay to vote for him. But will they do that? Will they normalize someone so obviously unstable and unfit?

You’re damned right they will. There’s no doubt about it. And when they do, they won’t get a mulligan. No do-overs. They’ll have to live with him and what he says and does for the next six months. And, Allah forbid, if Drumpf does win in November, they will be responsible for the considerable damage he will do to the country, and quite possibly, the world.

As many people have remarked, if Paul Ryan and other Republican big shots in Congress and around the country do, explicitly or implicitly, welcome Drumpf into the comfy confines of the establishment, it will then become Drumpf’s party. The Grand Orange Party. He’ll own it and its leaders, and they all will go down in history either as colossal losers or as dangerous winners.

The truth is, though, that Drumpf isn’t just a Republican problem. Sure, he makes Republicans look bigoted and ridiculous and small. But to some extent he also makes the country look that way. None of us can get through this mess, even if Drumpf ultimately loses, without getting a little Orange Stink on us. That’s the way it is with a guy like Drumpf. You see him on TV, you listen to him talk for a couple of minutes, and you feel like you’ve been slimed with orange ordure. You want to run through a car wash. No, that’s not quite right. You want to slowly walk through the car wash to make sure not one drop of Drumpf has stuck to you.

Last December, Lindsey Graham, the Republican senator from South Carolina, said about Drumpf, “He’s a race-baiting, xenophobic, religious bigot. He doesn’t represent my party.” Well, it is May now.  Republican voters have made him their choice to represent the party. On Thursday, Republican leaders, including Missouri’s Roy Blunt, will ratify that choice, either with sounds or with silence. Either way they will essentially embrace the race-baiter, the xenophobe, the bigot. They will authenticate an ignorant and ill-informed man, a man who is stuck in a strange adolescence, who is unstable and unpredictable and therefore unacceptably dangerous.

And the orange shitstorm that will follow Drumpf’s blessing will touch us all.



  1. Anonymous

     /  May 10, 2016

    Donald Trump is Denny Crane from “Boston Legal”.

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    • I would agree with that! I loved that show. Wish it were still on. There is one Denny quote, though, that doesn’t fit: “May I express a thought? I so rarely get one.” That little dig shows a tiny bit of introspection. Drumpf is totally bankrupt when it comes to self-awareness.


  2. Anonymous

     /  May 10, 2016

    Yes indeed. Consider the fact that Drumpf has said he will default on our national debt, sort a file bankruptcy; renegotiate the debt for pennies on the dollar. Think what that will do to the country, to the world. Pensioners will find their pensions reduced considerably in that senario. Run from this guy!!


    • His comments on the national debt, which do amount to a form of bankruptcy negotiation, were quite jarring to a lot of Republicans. I don’t think any of them imagined him being that dumb about the nation’s finances. He did not, and probably still does not, understand how the Fed works and how much the world relies on a stable American government. And talking about the economy is supposed to be his “strength”! Allah help us.


  3. Gotta say though, Drumpf is the most fascinating reality TV ever. Like a coming train wreck, you can’t take your eyes off of it. Too bad it’s actually real.


    • I confess, Jim, it has been fascinating. It’s like the earth has been invaded by a weird species from outer space called Drumpfkins. I also confess I don’t get his appeal. I can’t imagine being pissed off enough at either Democrats or Republicans such that I would find this man attractive in any way whatsoever. He gives Know-Nothings a bad name. Perhaps the scariest thing about him is that, like the proverbial drunk guy in the barroom talking about politics, he not only doesn’t know what he doesn’t know, he doesn’t care that he doesn’t know it. He just says what pops into his mind. If you watch him closely, especially when he gets interviewed rather aggressively (a rare event), he has a habit of not finishing a thought before another takes its place. It is really amazing. I’ve studied it pretty closely and I find it, among other things, a sign that the guy has no real ability to control himself. Just the opposite of the man he despises, Obama.


      • Exactly, Duane. This bird just channels his inner Archie Bunker, all the while keeping his motives and real thoughts to himself. After all, that’s what the Art of the Deal is all about, disingenuousness, subterfuge, incomplete sentences, and exaggeration. Sell the sizzle and not the steak. Jeez.


  4. Saw something on CNN this morning about Trump having problems raising money for his campaign. From nomination to the election, the estimate is that he’ll need $1.5 billion. But the Republican/Conservative folks who normally open their wallets for their candidate are hanging on to their dough. But what the hey, Trump can easily afford to come up with that amount from his $10 billion stash – and still have enough left over to challenge president Clinton 4 years from now.


    • Drumpf does not have 10 billion stashed anywhere. He may not even be a billionaire at all for all we know. He’s hiding his real net worth because if people found out how small he is, compared to how big he says he is, he’d be exposed even more as a fraud. Not that that would matter to his groupies. Just look at his refusal to release his tax returns. He has repeatedly lied about that, what with all that “audit’ nonsense. But it doesn’t bother any of the mob that follows him.

      And I can’t believe he’s getting away with the donor stuff anyway. He’s “self-funding,” remember? It was always bullshit. He doesn’t have the liquidity to self-fund a run for a state-wide senatorial race, much less a national presidential campaign. Again, though, his groupies don’t give a damn how many times he lies or changes his position on any and all issues. They want to have electoral sex with him and don’t give a damn about anything else.


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