Zika, Climate Change, And The Utter Difference Between Ds and Rs

Bernie Sanders once said that “in reality,” there is only “one party—the party of the ruling class.” You sort of get the idea, by the way he has campaigned and is still campaigning, that he hasn’t changed his mind all that much. I know some of his followers agree with the idea that the “establishment” in both parties is part of one bigger establishment that is out to get us all. Just check out the comment section of any article on Bernie or on Hillary Clinton, if you don’t believe me.

In any case, all Democrats and most Bernie supporters know better. There is a hell of a lot of difference between the two parties. And nothing, on this Memorial Day weekend, demonstrates that more than the following two headlines from today’s news:

two headlines

On just those two issues—one a short-term crisis and the other a long-term one—you can see how dangerous it is to ignore, or to understate, the stark differences between what the Republican Party is, and is becoming, and what the Democratic Party has been for some time now: an institution that, although flawed, has its head—a general trust in science—as well as its heart—people ought not to suffer unnecessarily—in the right place.

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  1. You’re becoming incoherent, like you’re desperately trying to not know what’s actually going on.


    • I disagree, I think Duane is very coherent. The philosophies of the two parties are not only different in the ways he describes, they are trending ever further apart in those ways. It is true that the “Washington establishment” is less empathetic to the needs of ordinary people than to those of special interests, i.e., the big banks and the military industrial complex. I think it is this feeling of abandonment that Trump is exploiting so successfully, a feeling in the electorate that Sanders is exacerbating. The outcomes at stake, such as Supreme Court appointments and nuclear weapons policy for example, are sharply dependent on choice of party.


    • “Becoming” incoherent is at least better than being incoherent. You know what I mean?


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