O Finally Weighs In: “The Values That Unite Us As Democrats”


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    In recent days, one of my fellow bloggers (who happens to be Canadian, actually) criticized president Obama as boring, unexciting. He is probably unimpressed that he is now endorsing Hillary Clinton for president. So before you view the video clip posted by my friendl, the Erstwhile Conservative, let me tell you reprise my reaction to the criticism of Big O:

    I usually agree with your posts, (name deleted), but not this one. To be more specific, it is the cynicism that I disagree with, not the fact that his presidency has been rather boring. I guess it has.

    Or, at least that’s true relative to war. Dubyah had his shock and awe, and that was really exciting. All Obama has done is to diminish war fighting, and shucks, knocking off al Qaeda and Taliban chiefs with drones is the opposite of drama. Bang, right out of the blue, they’re dead. Yawn. Of course, there was the raid that got Osama. (Can you imagine the excitement if that one had failed?) Another opportunity for excitement lost.

    And then there was the time when Barry got into office and inherited an economy in free fall. His esteemed opponents desperately warned against the “financial cliff” and demanded sharp budget cutbacks that would have sent us back into a Greek-llike near depression. Hell, they even shut the whole government down for two weeks trying to do it. That would have been exciting. But no, not Barry’s style. Instead we had, thanks to him, a steady climb back to 5% unemployment and new market highs. Booooring.

    Now Donald Trump just might be the solution. I can only imagine the excitement to come!


    • Wow, my friend. Well said and absolutely true. I do not understand the concept attached to the notion that “we need to shake things up,” when that concept was tied to a Palin or now that it is tied to a Drumpf. If people mean that we need to get rid of the gridlock, etc, by getting rid of Republicans who are causing it, I get that. But just to shake things up by throwing a bigoted buffoon into the mix is beyond my comprehension. But I hear that all the time from those who have accepted, somewhat reluctantly, Drumpf, and I hear it, especially, from those who have been completely suckered by him. Jesus. I wonder if these people realize how much permanent damage the man can do to the country, not to mention the world.


    • King Beauregard

       /  June 10, 2016

      Nice work sir!


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