Thanks to Media Matters, we now know that the maker of the assault weapon—forget the distinction some people try to make; the damn thing is an assault weapon as the Orlando massacre proved—used by the gay-hating killer is a corporate donor to the NRA, as well as “the sponsor” of a propaganda series the NRA produces called “Defending Our America.”

Sig Sauer manufacturers the killing and maiming machine that was sold, quite legally, by a gun store owner in St. Lucie, Florida. That gun dealer is a former NYPD cop, Ed Henson, who appeared on television today, as he tried to answer questions about the tran$action. After it was over, MSNBC’s Brian Williams was fairly effusive in his praise for Henson, the owner who profited from—I repeat: profited from—selling an assault weapon to the gay-hating killer—and, no, it doesn’t matter to me that Henson didn’t know he was a gay-hating killer. What matters is that Henson legally profits from selling guns and ammo designed to do what was done in Orlando.

Oh. One more thing. According to the Daily News, Ed Henson is a pathetic, Obama-hating freak. Noting that he frequently posts on Facebook “rants critical of black lives matters protesters and President Obama,” the paper shared one of his Greatest Hits from November:

He should be handcuffed, removed from Office and charged with Treason and then publicly executed! How can the American People and military stand by and do nothing while this piece of s–t puts everyone of us in danger.

That’s just another way of saying what Trump suggested this morning about Obama’s American loyalty, or lack of it. These are very ugly people. And America is getting uglier with every tweet and every speech Trump gives.

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  1. Someone on my facebook said that nothing can be done about things like this because we can’t possibly take every gun away from every nut. It doesn’t comfort gun nuts to know that you are afraid to even try because they’re nuts. It will take a long time before people are safe from random gun violence, but it’ll take much long if you do nothing. Absolutely you have to at least try unless you want to live in a world without gunfights in the street.


    • A good place to start would be with the assault weaponry. We were there once as a society, and we can get there again. Problem is, there are so many of the damn things out there now that it will take generations to get back to where we were 15 years ago.


  2. Culture drives politics, but politics also drives culture. It’s a feedback loop. The barber shop I go to has hunting and gun magazines lying around and it only takes a few minutes reading to realize just how intense gun culture is. It is tantamount to a religion, I think. This literature is often highly technical, discussing muzzle velocities, accuracy, range, types of ammunition, but throughout there is an implied reverence for killing power.

    Silencers are coming into vogue now – easier on the ears. Besides deer, “predators” seem to be justification for rifle ownership, foxes and the like, but nothing really justifies having an AR-15 semi-automatic with a 30 or 40 round clip except killing people. These are, as you say, military killing machines and the Orlando shooting is prime evidence of just how efficient they can be.

    What would it take, I wonder, what kind of monstrous killing frenzy, for the general public to massively rebel against the gun culture? I don’t think 49 dead is going to do it.


    • I think I have mentioned this before, but I have sometimes watched the hunting channel on cable. Not because I am a hunter, but because I try to understand what makes people tick. And I have to tell you, especially when you so accurately summed up the culture with the idea that “there is an implied reverence for killing power,” that there is some kind of strange thrill that those hunters I see on those shows get from killing. 

      I have compared what I have seen on those programs with sexual excitement. After a kill, after using expensive technology against an animal that has no chance of defending itself, some of these people are utterly orgasmic. It really is amazing. And it is disturbing. I’ve seen men get ecstatic and I’ve seen women get ecstatic. It is sort of pornographic. 

      As to what it will take to rebel against the gun culture, if six-year-old kids getting slaughtered won’t do it, nothing will I suppose. Heck, even when the public sentiment is on the side of, say, banning assault-type weapons, the GOP in Congress will ignore it, just like they have ignored the overwhelming support for closing gun show loopholes, etc. They are afraid of the NRA and until they’re no longer afraid of the NRA, the NRA will have its way. In any case, by now there are millions upon millions of assault weapons out there now—countless guns have been sold since Sunday—and we will be living with the consequences of that for as long as any of us, any of our children and grandchildren, are around.

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  3. Well said to all.


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