Wanna Get Away From The Madness For A Few Minutes?

We have to share the planet with Donald Trump. Nothing we can do about that. But just for a few minutes we can get a million miles away. Watch this in full screen mode:



  1. Very good, Duane. This site, which I subscribe to, has additional information on DSCOVR, including a good graphic on the Lagrange gravity point L1. The author of the site is a retired award-winning high-school physics teacher.


    • That is a good site, Jim. I hadn’t seen the two videos he linked to. Wow. By the way, it is amazing that there are YouTube videos of the same things in which people try to explain, in considerable detail, that NASA is faking all these videos! Jesus.

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  2. Here’s one showing the moon passing in front of the Earth. It looks so small and it’s much closer to the camera than the Earth.

    Doesn’t it make fear of Trump look stupidly petty and cowardly? I wish other people could see that.


    • King Beauregard

       /  July 22, 2016

      Celestial objects are large therefore Donald Trump isn’t a problem. That’s some sharp thinking, Tige.


    • I really loved that when it came out last year. Fantastic. But I don’t have the slightest idea why you said what you did about “fear of Trump” looking “stupidly petty and cowardly.” Looking at that beautiful video, imagining what could happen to the Earth if a nuclear war were to break out, is enough to make anyone fear the dangerous candidate named Donald Trump.


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