Calm Down, Dems

As breathless reporters at the Democratic convention continue to run down and interview every stupid Bernie supporter in Philadelphia—I don’t know how many I have heard say that they would prefer four years of Trump, no matter the damage he might do—I suggest you take some time and read an article by Paul Waldman at The Washington Post.

Waldman’s article (“Despite what you’ve heard, Democrats aren’t in disarray. Their party is under attack from the outside“) tells us a truth Democrats need to hear. What we see on cable news right now is not “Democrats fighting with Democrats.” I have yet to hear interviewed one anti-Hillary demonstrator willing to admit any attachment to the Democratic Party. Most are openly hostile to the party. They are mostly people who haven’t voted in the past or who are leftist extremists demanding to have it all their own way or else. Here’s how Waldman put it:

As you may have heard, there already seem to be many more protests from the left around the Democratic convention than there were around the Republican convention. If it seems strange to you that leftists would be protesting not the candidate who wants to deport 11 million people, ban Muslims from entering the country and roll back civil rights gains for gay Americans, but the candidate who wants to increase the minimum wage to $15 an hour, expand Social Security and enact universal child care, well, that would only mean that you’re unfamiliar with leftist politics. For a certain kind of activist on the left, the real enemy is never the right; it’s always the liberals who are insufficiently committed to their brand of revolution.

I have sparred with those kind of leftists, off and on, for years now. There’s no talking to them. They “see through” everything, which, as C.S. Lewis told us a long time ago, is the same as not seeing at all. They are blind to the realities of politics. Again, listen to Waldman:

…what unites the holdouts is their self-absorption and complete inability to distinguish between political action that makes you feel good and political action that actually accomplishes anything real. These are the kind of people who think that giant puppets are the key to creating lasting social change.

He goes on to call out Code Pink, who virtually ignores the Republican Party’s sins and attacks, viciously, Democrats:

Like everything else the group does, it’s utterly masturbatory, meant to make the group feel virtuous and noble and brave, but will accomplish exactly nothing on any of the issues it says it cares about.

People like that don’t care as much about the issues as they care about making themselves feel good. They are another version of the Tea Party, albeit in fading “Feel the Bern” t-shirts. They are not loyal to any party. And despite their shouted loyalty to Bernie Sanders, they are proving they are not even loyal to him. Many of them are ignoring his late-in-the-game pleas to focus on the real menace to a progressive agenda and to the country, Donald Trump. They won’t have it. Too much hate for Hillary to embrace reality.

Fortunately, the adults will mostly unify behind Hillary Clinton when it is all said and done. They may not be out in the streets of Philadelphia right now with goofy signs saying goofy things to eager cable TV reporters, but they will be there when it matters: on election day.

It remains to be seen whether there are enough of them to keep Trump away from the power he needs to enrich himself and, perhaps in the process, destroy the lives of countless people with his dangerous ignorance. Time will tell. Meanwhile, my Democratic friends, take a deep, deep breath and know that help is coming tonight and the rest of the week.

Don’t forget: Big O has yet to have his say.

[Photo credit: Tracie Van Auken]

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  1. Hopefully, the Bernie supporters who are getting attention on cable news aren’t representative of all Bernie supporters. Many of them seem to have characteristics I associate with Trump supporters. Most important, they seem to be lacking critical thinking skills and motivated by their emotions. I’ve been watching the convention and the two speakers from the Unity Commission were impressive. One was a Clinton supporter and the other a Sanders supporter. Initially, I was put off by the Sanders supporter (Diane Russell from Maine), but she did an excellent job of getting Sanders supporters on her side and then, at the end of her speech, told them they need to vote for Hillary and explained why. From what I could hear, she didn’t get the intensely negative reaction that Bernie got this morning when he spoke of the need to support Clinton. I think this is “party unity day” at the convention – and maybe it will actually get there.


    • Dayan,

      Emotions, indeed, have dominated. I hope that changes after tonight and those emotions will be channeled into anti-Trump action. Russell ultimately did a good job. Time will tell whether real unity will come. Fingers crossed.


  2. Anonymous

     /  July 25, 2016

    Probably plants anyway! GO HILLARY!!


    • Bernie created the monster and will have to figure out how to control it. We will see if his speech will do the job.


  3. ansonburlingame

     /  July 26, 2016


    You are now in the same position with the Radical Left that I was when I first started blogging during the emergence of the Tea Party around 2008-2009. I am still fighting that battle within “conservative ranks” in Joplin.

    I could find a way to rationalize a vote for Hillary IF and only IF I felt that she had enough sense to tell the Radical Left to go pack sand. I recall several months ago when Bill got in some trouble when he fired back against some Black Lives Matter ranting at one of his speeches or “town halls”. He had an angry look, was waving his finger back at them and was caught on camera doing so.

    I have essentially given up hope now to find a presidential candidate whom I could reasonably endorse. My only hope is for the GOP to retain control, solid control, of at least one House in Congress. The thought of either Party regaining full control of the WH and both Houses of Congress simply drives me nuts, and I mean EITHER Party. Take away one end of a dumbbell and it becomes a club!



    • If by “Radical Left” you mean those left-wingers who are stupid enough to sit out the election or vote for Donald Trump out of spite, then, yes, I will do battle with them every chance I get. I can’t stand that kind of behavior. It is not just stupid, but destructive. But if you merely mean “progressives” or “liberals,” then obviously I disagree with you when you suggest Hillary should “to go pack sand.” Liberals-progressives are not radicals, which is why the real radicals get so pissed off at us from time to time.

      It doesn’t look like you have much to worry about, in terms of the GOP keeping control of at least one side of Congress. The stir over Hillary’s emails and the split on the left will ensure that the Billy Longs of the world will keep gumming up the House. I’m not even sure, at this point, whether we can get back control of the Senate.


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