The America Donald Trump Will Never Understand

Khizr and Ghazala Khan were on MSNBC this morning. No, America was on MSNBC this morning. The America I was taught in school. The America that aspires to live up to its ideals. The America that good and grateful people put on the uniform to defend. And, perhaps, to die for.

Watch the segment below, not to hate on Donald Trump for his crassness and inability to empathize with the Khans—he has continued his thoughtless attacks this morning—but to feel sorry for Trump. To pity him because he will never know what it means to be an American in the truest sense of the word. He will never know what Khizr Khan meant when he said of his family this morning, “we are, really, testament to the goodness of this country.” He will never understand, in the way the Khans do, that “this nation is unique in the history of mankind.”

More than that, Donald Trump will never in a thousand lifetimes understand what Mr. Khan meant when he responded to a request that he say something about his son that would help Americans better understand Capt. Humayun Khan. Here is what the amazing American father said, as he pointed to his wife:

I would ask this Gold Star mother, this brave lady, to say that. Share that conversation she had that defines him, that explains to America what a wonderful son they raised, this country, this nation, raised. We were only a vessel.

I have never heard anyone express a more moving and more powerful sentiment about America. U.S. Army Capt. Humayun Khan was our son. He belonged to all of us. All of us were in some way responsible for raising him, for instilling in him the values that make America “unique in the history of mankind.” Values that we sometimes fail to appreciate and too often fail to honor but always need to keep before our eyes and the eyes of our children.

And this November we need to appreciate and honor those values. Because America has more children to raise.



  1. I came across this little video this morning and thought of the Khan’s truth to power eloquence. Too bad the news media don’t have the guts to put Trump in his place as Mr Khan has so brilliantly done at the convention and in each appearance he and Mrs. Khan have made since then.

    We don’t have a journalist these days with the courage and wisdom of an Edward R. Murrow. As you watch this short video, substitute the name Trump for McCarthy and you’ll see a true newsman at work.


    • I am frightened by the way television journalists have conducted themselves since the rise of Trump. I am much more encouraged by what the print press has been doing. There is plenty of information out there available warning us about how dangerous Donald Trump would be for the future of our country and the world. Unfortunately very little of it makes its way on the television.

      A lot of journalists with their mugs on TV will have a lot to answer for should Donald Trump get elected.


  2. While perusing the ethernets this evening, I ran across this Molly Ivins maxim: “It’s okay to step on your dick once in awhile, but you shouldn’t just stand there”. The Donald has yet to figure this one out.


  3. Sherry Buchanan

     /  August 2, 2016

    Beautifully stated by the Khans and by you!


    • Thank you, Sherry. What a refreshing moment in this otherwise dreary campaign. We owe the Khans our gratitude twice now.


  4. I have watched Katy Tur for more than a year, as she has covered Trump. For the most part, she has done an excellent job. My one point of contention with her would be that, obviously to keep open her ability to access Trump and his handlers, she does dial it back a bit on air. But she mostly gets in to reporting what is really going on and, when she gets to interact with Trump, doesn’t hesitate to ask him tough questions. If more on-air reporters acted like her, Trump would be in even worse shape than he is.


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