Hillary-Inspired Sexism (1979-Present)

I know it has been out for three days now, but a video published by The National Memo still stuns me. Thirty-seven years of answering essentially the same sexist questions, the same sexist questions rooted in a still-sexist culture, has to take a toll on a person. But Hillary Clinton seems to be strong enough to endure. If I were her, I wouldn’t even bother with the press anymore. Journalists, after failing to get her to call herself a liar, almost always follow up with variations of the same two questions: Why don’t people like you and why don’t they trust you? At some point, she should turn the tables on journalists: Why don’t people like you and trust you?




  1. The most pernicious form of sexism and racism is that which the purveyor does not even realize that he is engaging in. I think this occurs most often in people who are not very self-aware, perhaps only not-self-aware In a particular area of their lives, such as people skills, or religious beliefs. I think I can see that going on with Ms. Clinton, and I think she knows it, too. That’s probably why she can smile and answer the questions again and again – she knows that many of the questioners don’t even understand the bias they bring to the conversation, demonstrated by the way they frame the questions. Then, too, I think many of the questioners, people we would hope and think understand the issue, are giving Hillary a chance to “explain”, clarify, and inform others. They don’t seem to realize that they themselves are falling into the trap of sexist bias by asking the question the way they ask it. Instead of helping, they give unaware sexists ammunition in the form of “Hey, look, this feminist reporter thinks Hillary is a b***h on wheels, too. I must be right!” Fundamentally, if you will not or can not look at what part of the bias you own, and try to correct that part of it (the only part you can correct), you will remain part of the problem….and we are back to that self-awareness issue again.

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    • Excellent analysis, my friend. I cringe every time I see Hillary interviewed because I know what is coming. There are a thousand things journalists could ask her, important things about policy, for instance. But they seldom do anymore. They have a narrative about her and they are sticking to it no matter what.


  2. Tricky-Dick Nixon was a man who was hard to like personally. He was socially stiff, even with his family, and even pompous, but I don’t recall the media making much of an issue of it. People want a top leader to conform to an ideal image – Jimmy Carter carrying his own dry-cleaning to the White House became a joke.

    The likability meme is linked to Hillary’s gender. She must be tough as nails to deal with it with composure over so long a period. I wonder if Merkel encountered the same?

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    • The two do seem to have rock-hard personalities, don’t they? I’d like to know more about Merkel and her rise through the ranks.


  3. This may seem a little self-centered, but I think it supports Duane’s point that Hillary is tough, smart and oh-so competent — which, of course, she is. (This from a Bernie supporter.) As a an Australian Labradoodle momma dog, I get slammed by people who think all people should get their dogs from the local shelter. I love shelter dogs (and cats), but they may not work out if the humans involved have allergies or don’t want pet hair all over their couches, carpets and business suits. Know-nothings even blog about the “reality” that dogs like me are not really any more hypoallergenic than the next door neighbor’s Lab. Except I AM hypoallergenic. You’d be surprised how much crap my humans get from PETA friends or farmers market ASPCA advocates for owning a hybrid dog. Sometimes those people are even mean to me. Pet lovers, my ass. Hillary is intimidating to what is now the standard: third rate journalists (male and female). I’m not sure that female journalists aren’t the worst.

    Here’s another thing. True Australian Labradoodles are very carefully bred for health, intelligence and temperament. We make amazing guide and therapy dogs. I am a therapy dog, making the rounds at various nursing homes and retirement communities. I have a sense of what people need and how they need to be treated. Hillary gets it. She can get wonky when she needs to, but see also sees the big picture. She could be the best ever, but jealousy from stupid men and sold-out women will always be an issue she must battle — with coolness and class. Hey, she won over my humans — who, to their credit — did lots of research as the primary wound down and discovered a much more inspiring Hillary than the press had been willing to reveal.

    Anyway, I now like to think of myself as the Hillary Clinton of exceptional canines. When people — even critics — meet me they see me in a similar vein. No brag, just fact. The deeper we get into the election season, the more amazing Hillary will look to responsible voters. If you think this is a silly post, read it again. And think of me as the Secretariat of Australian Labradoodles. Huh? I mean the Hillary Clinton of canines. Whoa. Hey — squirrel — gotta go.


    • I really enjoyed this! Especially given from where you came! I sort of had the same experience you did, except much earlier. Thanks.


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