Alt-Right Preview

In the video below you will see the image of a writer named Joseph Sobran, who is dead now but once was part of what is these days called the alt-right movement. The reason I mention Sobran is because he was one of my favorite writers, when I was a young conservative. I liked him so much I once called his office in New York, when he was working for Bill Buckley’s National Review (he wrote for the magazine from 1972 to 1993). We had an interesting conversation, which I have detailed elsewhere on this blog.

Another reason I bring up Joe Sobran—who got canned by Buckley because of his flirtation with anti-Semitic views—is because most of the stuff we see today that is associated with Breitbart and the alt-right isn’t new. It’s just that Trump has, as Hillary Clinton said last night on CNN, brought it into the mainstream of the Republican Party, which now owns it.

In any case, have a little dark fun watching this dark side of America:



  1. The video had a banner saying it was blocked in my country (USA) on copyright grounds.


  2. Anonymous

     /  August 25, 2016

    Just search “We didn’t start the movement” on YouTube, it’s still up there.


  3. Anonymous

     /  August 25, 2016

    Kinda like Trump and his taxes! To damaging for his cause…….no good


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