Trumpangelicals: Explain These To Your Sunday School Class


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Trump Jesus

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[H/T to New York Magazine. Photo credits from top to bottom: Michael L. Brown/Twitter; John Bazemore/AP; David Martosko/Daily Mail; Ben Jacobs/Twitter; Matt Stopera/BuzzFeed; Matt Stopera/BuzzFeed; Unknown; Unknown; M. Scott Mahaskey/POLITICO; CNN; Dennis Nett; Dominic Holden/ BuzzFeed; Chris Snyder/Twitter; Jenna Johnson/ Twitter; Heart of Platinum/Twitter; Molly Ball/Instagram; screen shot from MSNBC; Associated Press; Sally Kohn; James McLeod; Philip Rucker; Don Gonyea/NPR; Mark Wallheiser/Getty Images; Jim Acosta/CNN/Twitter (screen shot of video); Jim Acosta/CNN/Twitter]


  1. Those pictures are scary as hell.

    I know from my experience that Americans like that are out there. We all encounter them every day and don’t even know it. Trump has given them permission to speak out, and clearly they are speaking out, if that’s what you call it. If there is any doubt in your mind that racism, sexism, and xenophobia exist, this should put it to rest. What surprise me a little is the intensity of the expressions and the number of people engaging in these “ideas” and “thoughts”.

    The principle I try to employ in living my life is that anyone can believe any nutty or erudite thing they want to believe as long as it causes no harm to someone else. These expressions are close to crossing that line, if they don’t cross it.

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    • Michael,

      When you said, “Trump has given them permission to speak out, ” you said it all. And we can only hope he won’t explicitly give them permission to ACT out after the election.



  2. Speaking of speaking out, at one of the rallies where Pence was talking, a Trumpette said that if Trump didn’t win, there was going to be revolution. To his credit, Pence tried to talk her out of that notion.

    But I got to thinking, as I am sometimes wont to do, and realized that a revolution is an effort to bring about a specific change – from a civil war (which is an oxymoron) to the invention of the transistor. But Trump supporters, as amplified by the creepy and frightening photos above, have no specific goal except to show their ignorance and demonstrate how deplorable they are. No, what the Trump supporters, a large number of them anyway, really want is anarchy. The result — chaos.

    But maybe this is John Adams’ warning come true: “Democracy… while it lasts is more bloody than either aristocracy or monarchy. Remember, democracy never lasts long. It soon wastes, exhausts, and murders itself. There is never a democracy that did not commit suicide.”

    So, maybe Trump and his followers have brought us to the brink. Maybe the Great Experiment is coming to an end. I guess we’ll find out on November 9th.


  3. Herb, I sincerely hope that the quote from John Adams is superceded by the growth of empathy and goodwill toward our fellow men. I believe that an examination of people’s attitude over time yields the notion that we have become more accepting of our fellow humans and more understanding of the probelms and issues that others deal with. If you compare daily life for a “typical” person 300 yars ago to that same daily life today, I think that in general you will find significant improvement. Being an optimist at heart, I believe and hope that improvement will prevail and people in this country (the largest group benefitting from this gradual change) will vote in their own best self-interest and keep the curve tending up.


    • Michael, not seeing a lot of empathy going on these days. I do see a lot of divisiveness and an increasing polarization; not just in politics, but in race relations, economic disparities, even foreign affairs, and more.

      But to update Adams and his depressing take on democracy, let’s move up to the mid-twentieth century. From British historian Arnold Toynbee, we have, “History shows that great nations rise and great nations fall, but the autopsy of history is that all great nations commit suicide.”

      I like Toynbee better than Adams, because the latter limited his concerns to democracies, whereas Toynbee talks to “all great nations.”

      Then there is the speech by former Colorado governor Richard Lamm, a Democrat, that Lamm himself titled, “I have a Plan to Destroy America.” It too is a warning about our potential demise.


      • I have long been a fan of establishing English as the official language of the USA for the reasons embedded his speech, bi-lingualism being perfectly fine. I must note, however, that fluency in English is a requirement of naturalization already, there being only 3 minor exceptions allowed. I have also thought that many political problems have their roots in the tribalistic nature of human beings and this also is a theme here.

        The two political parties are actually not that far apart on immigration, it seems to me. Reasonable people want a strong border, and we want immigrants to assimilate, to become Americans, alike in language, well-educated and with an understanding and belief in the principles of the Constitution. We want passionate patriotism, enough to fight for those principles. The differences are in how, and how quickly and humanely, we want to achieve those goals. Ironic, isn’t it? Absolutes are the enemies of compromise, which is what we need.

        I submit that the Balkanization of America is well under way, even if Trump loses. He has amassed a core of supporters, as evidenced by Duane’s photos, What will happen to these hateful people after Trump fails? I predict they will continue to react to Trump tweets, railing against every proposal Clinton puts forth for the next four years. Or, if Trump tires of politics (not likely), they will react to whomever takes his place. And someone will – it’s a power vacuum ready-formed and his adherents now believe in revolution.


  4. ansonburlingame

     /  October 18, 2016

    For decades, at least since the 1960’s I have observed protests (and riots in some cases), T-shirts, chants, angry speeches, etc., all coming from the Left against the status quo in America. Now the “laws” of physics (equal and opposite reactions) are seen coming from the white, Right.

    Three examples of the former, just in the last eight years, were the protests (riots?) in Wisconsin against the GOP governor, the OWS crowds and now BLM. In each case this liberal blog supported, or at least condoned each one. You all said you “understood” why those crowds were angry. Well, I now ask if you can “understand” why Trump supporters feel the same way?

    I have attended (but never participated in) two political rallies in my lifetime. One was in 1969 where over 100,000 “hippies” gathered on the Mall in DC. The other was an early Tea Party rally here in Joplin. Duane and I were together in that last one where John Putnam, a local GOP “leader”, showed up in 18th century garb and a “fellow citizen” in Joplin had a sign filled with hate and nasty words, against Obama.

    In both cases I strongly disagreed with the sentiments and calls for “action” in BOTH gatherings. What a crazy, waste of time and energy was my fundamental thought. I feel the same way today against the people represented by pictures in this blog. Why publicize stupidity is my question, stupidity coming from BOTH sides of the dumb bell-like political spectrum seen all over America today.

    Remember the New Black Panther in military garb and carrying a club at a Philly voting place a few years ago. What are the chances that we will see a picture of some 300 lbs, shaved headed, white man in similar garb and armed with a gun or club in the coming election. Are you going to tell me one is worse than the other?

    No doubt the campaign for 2020 is already well under way. How bad will it get under President Hillary, the continuing turmoil from the radical Right. I doubt armed revolution will happen but some will certainly call for it. The thought recently crossed my mind that a “new democrat” is already planning her campaign for the presidency in either four or eight years. Michelle may already have a shadow staff, ready in an instant to leap into the fray when Hillary shows signs of physical (or emotional) failure trying to govern America today.

    All that I hear from the black, Left is our first black president has failed, rather miserably, to satisfy the black, Left demands for “equality”. That call for more action will not go away. But neither will the counter-call for action from the white, Right. In other words this fight will just keep on keeping on, it seems to me.

    Solution? Compromise. Chances of such compromise happening today, in America? Well our chances are better for success that trying to resolve who, next will govern Mosul (Kurds, Sunni or Shia), but how much better, that is up for debate I suppose.



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