Warriors For Trump

More to fear.

The right has the sympathy of most of the cops. The right has the sympathy of most of the military. The right has the sympathy of the civilian gun nuts. Now the right has radical evangelicals willing to shoot for fake news-inspired justice:

For the first time since his arrest the man behind the ‘Pizzagate’ armed attack on Ping Pong Comet in Washington, D.C. spoke with press about his beliefs and reasoning for launching a politically-motivated attack on an innocent business. At the center of his beliefs are two important factors: his admitted Christian evangelical beliefs that drove that attack and his consumption of Alex Jones’ Infowars conspiracy theories that helped him decide to attack innocent citizens.

This psychopath is a man named Edgar Welch. He told the New York Times he likes to read. One of the books he has read is also a book I have read, Wild at Heart: Discovering the Secret of a Man’s Soul. That book was written by a strange evangelical named John Eldredge, a man who, essentially, thinks men are pussies and should be trained, while they are boys, to grow up and be the way God intended them to be: wildly masculine and daring, partly because women are looking for “adventure” with such godly men.

The one thing I remember from reading a couple of Eldredge’s books—a Focus on the Family type guy—is that we should allow our little boys to do the daring and dangerous things they are inclined to do, even if that means risking injury, or, presumably, death. He thinks modern men are “wounded” by outside forces, like their fathers (“the wound is nearly always given by his father”) and church and so on, who tend not to allow them to be the adventurers they were designed to be in order to be happy and healthy Men of God. I remember he used a lot of action movies in his long argument, you know where the man gets to be the revenging or conquering hero and the women folk look on in awe, if not lust. Eldredge believes men were created “for adventure, battle and beauty.” If you look at world history, mostly authored by men, you find a lot of battles, that’s for sure. Oh, and a lot of dead people.

Here’s another sample of Edgedge’s biblical wisdom:

Deep in his heart, every man longs for a battle to fight, an adventure to live, and a beauty to rescue.

In the case of Edgar Welch, 28 years old, he apparently left his home in North Carolina, AR-15 assault rifle and handgun in tow, to seek an adventure involving a bar and music joint in Washington that was the subject of a Big Lie, a conspiracy whipped up to smear Bill and Hillary Clinton and other Democrats, who, the lie went, “were involved in a global human trafficking and pedophilia ring.” By going in to Comet Ping Pong bar and putting in an order for, say, a pizza without sauce, these disgusting Democrats were sending coded messages about kid hookers. Edgar Welch was going to find out for himself whether it was true.

If you have followed the disturbing business about “Pizzagate” on Twitter and elsewhere you know that the right-wingers, mostly Trump supporters, who believe, or are inclined to believe, this slanderous conspiracy generally take the position that because it hasn’t been sufficiently investigated by the proper authorities, it therefore remains true until it has been investigated. And it happens to be that these people refuse to believe the “proper authorities,” when those authorities tell them it is all completely false. Welch told the Times he was there to do some investigating, and, we must assume, administer his own justice. That’s how far we have fallen.

John Eldredge, who is not to blame for Welch’s actions of course, said, “We don’t need accountability groups; we need fellow warriors, someone to fight alongside, someone to watch our back.” Even though Edgar Welch claimed he didn’t vote for Trump, Eldredge’s quote best explains why people, including a lot of women, are coming out of their caves and defending Trump, often quite viciously, at every turn. Trump and his cronies push lies and conspiracy theories and ignore the facts and then ridicule those trying to protect the facts from oblivion, all of which matters not to his faithful soldiers. Because Trump is their guy. He is their avenging and conquering hero. They won’t be his accountability group. They will be his warriors.

And soon, God help us, they will have the police, the Justice Department, and the military on their side.



  1. Ben Field

     /  December 9, 2016


    As you know our Republican led Missouri legislature passed a law this year that allows any booger eating moron lacking a felony conviction to be able to carry a concealed weapon come January 1, 2017. This was not because of Trump, this was because of the ignorance of the GOP base and its representatives. It astounds me to understand how any sane person could have not met some goober, hot-head, or otherwise impaired citizen in their daily interactions that they would feel comfortable in knowing he was carrying a weapon, while interacting with him.

    Concealed carry has been around for some time, but it required a rudimentary gun safety class and involved firing a weapon under supervision to be completed, and it required that the county sheriff approve the citizen prior to issuance of such license. I could live with that, but that is no longer required, anyone can carry and if a felon is somehow discovered carrying, then he is arrested. Who in the hell thought this is a good idea? The same freaking morons that voted for Trump.

    On occasion, I target shoot at the Crowder range with my lifetime NRA member brother. One day while there, another shooter began talking about “gun grabbing” Democrats and how thankful he was Trump had been elected. I informed him I was a Democrat, owned weapons, and the only gun grabbing I would do is taking his from him if he thought he emptied his magazine and pointed his weapon in my direction while removing his magazine. I have witnessed people there with AR-15’s walking up on 50 yard targets “combat shooting” at it, which is not allowed. There is no range officer on site, so you are your own policeman.

    I have remarked to my brother on this ignorance, to which he replies, “Everyone has the right to be stupid, even if it results in their death. Usually such stupidity results in death for an innocent, not the person doing it. We disagree on politics, but not gun safety. Even he is concerned with this law, as are Police organizations, but it is here to stay. I don’t know where all this is going my friend, all I can tell you is to follow the Boy Scout motto and be prepared. God help us and our families because our government sure as hell won’t.


    • Ben,

      I just had a conversation the other day with a local guy who was raised around guns, owns many of them, and who is, like you and your brother, concerned about what will happen in Missouri next year. To be honest, it personally scares me shitless.

      I see too many people from day to day who shouldn’t be allowed to carry a Nerf gun around with them, much less a freaking firearm. But off we go into an experiment in stupidity. What are we to do? Should I get myself very familiar with my own pistol, practice with it, get very good at handling it in public, and consider having it with me as I go to the store for a 30-pack? I am considering that, believe it or not (“be prepared,” indeed). We are living in a time where a freak can, as happened in Louisiana recently, get pissed off behind the wheel and shoot you if you display some disrespect toward him on the roadway. Does it come down to allowing the armed bullies to have the public space or arming ourselves in an attempt to keep some space for ourselves?

      All of this, Missouri Republicans in the legislature who pushed this insane measure as well as my visceral reaction to it, makes me sick. What also makes me sick is the police, who know how dangerous this game is, yet who still collectively embrace Republicans at election time, along with the public, who also sense this isn’t exactly a civilized move. As the election results in Missouri demonstrated, and as January 1, 2017, will confirm, our state is looking more and more like Louisiana every year.



  2. Ben Field

     /  December 10, 2016


    My brother carries concealed, I refuse to do so. I have survived looking down the wrong end of a barrel three times in my life, so I’ll take my chances. Armed robber, jealous boyfriend, and enraged hillbilly. My weapons are for home protection, not public interaction. I learned to hunt, but haven’t done so in 30 years. It became more like assassination than hunting as I matured. Now an eighteen year old can carry concealed, but can’t buy a bourbon. WTF?


    • About hunting, I have remarked on this before. There is a channel on cable that specializes in showing orgasmic hunters killing animals. It appears to me to be unseemly to the highest degree. People literally get their rocks off on using expensive, high-powered equipment to kill unsuspecting animals. I understand the purpose of hunting seasons for conservation and population control. I also understand the need for hunting for food. I will never understand the promotion of quasi-erotic displays of joy at the killing of the unsuspecting creatures just living in their natural habitat.

      My dad and brothers hunted. I never took to it. Maybe I’m missing something, but I am content to miss it.


  3. Ben Field

     /  December 10, 2016


    The really sad part in today’s hunting is that “high-powered” rifles are no longer required. All that is required is that it’s a center fire cartridge. Thus the morons hunting with AR-15’s which is a .22 caliber. Even sadder, a .177 caliber center fire has been developed in which you can legally hunt deer with a pellet. Will some moron go into the field and try a 40 yard shot at a deer with a pellet, you bet your ass. While it is possible to kill with such, odds are it will only be maimed. MDC needs to change its laws from 30 years ago to match weapons made today.


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