Liberal Redneck? You Betcha.

I wish President Obama would invite this guy to the inauguration. Front row seat.



  1. The turd truck is almost here and I can’t avert my eyes from the inevitable collision when the GOP deletes health care and drowns government in a bathtub. I have to go now to pick up my ammo and five years’ worth of spam and beef jerky for my bunker. See ya.


    • Ha! I will say, now that we live in a state where any rube can pack a gun for any reason, the ammo idea may come in handy, bunker or no bunker!


  2. Anonymous

     /  January 9, 2017

    Don’t know if a liberal hillbilly is a liberal redneck, but beans and bullets, boys, that’s all you’re gonna need. Respond in kind, we can jaw about it, or we can get just as ugly.


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