January 20, 12:00pm Is Here. And The Dead And Wounded Are Everywhere.

The Tr-mp attack on America, which began on June 16, 2015, is now at full force, as almost all Republicans have joined in the effort.

Here is a partial list of the wounded so far and their current medical condition:

♦ Democracy—critical, but conscious
Journalism—serious, but slowly, very slowy, stabilizing
♦ Truth and facts—critical, vital signs unstable, Dr. Breitbart attending
Ethics in government—critical, unconscious, and not responding to treatment
Executive Branch competence—critical, brain in vegetative state
Legislative Branch oversight—paralyzed on one side, signs of movement on the other
The Emoluments Clause—undetermined, but appears lifeless
The Intelligence Community—critical, cerebral hemorrhage
NATO—serious and unstable
Respect for women and reproductive freedom—comatose
Voting Rights—serious, with Dr. Jim Crow attending
American Muslims—undetermined, but experiencing extreme discomfort
DACA “DREAMERS”—undetermined, but showing signs of shock
♦ Social Security/Medicare—critical, unfavorable indicators
Obamacare—Father Paul Ryan is administering last rites, more deaths expected
♦ Public schools—critical, Sister Betsy DeVos praying for painless end
♦ Diversity
—serious, very male and pale
♦ Wall Street reform—scheduled for euthanasia
Reagan/Bush voodoo economics—good, expecting a full recovery

Here is a partial list of the dead and their date of departure:

♦ Presidential dignity and class—1/20/17, 12:00:01 pm EST.
Financial disclosure norms—after an agonizing illness, finally passed away 1/11/17
Merrick Garland’s seat on the Supreme Courtcirca 3/16/16
♦ GOP Jesus and the moral legitimacy of the Religious Right
circa 10/7/16
♦ GOP’s respect for “wounded warriors”
circa 7/18/16
♦ GOP’s respect for “our fallen heroes”
circa 7/30/16
GOP’s respect for the militarycirca 9/7/16
♦ GOP’s exclusive claims on patriotism
circa 10/07/16
Republican “superiority” on national security issuescirca 1/11/17
♦ America dealing with climate change1/20/17
Left-winger Jill Stein’s integrity—the disease began on 12/10/2015 and the end came on 10/13/16

But all the news isn’t about the dead and wounded. Some notable births and rebirths:

♦ Republican respect for Russia and its murderous president
♦ New norm of GOP presidential candidate pleading for Russian espionage
♦ New norm of GOP presidential candidate threatening to jail his opponent
♦ New norm of GOP presidential candidate inciting violence at rallies
♦ New norm of GOP presidential candidate knowing nothing about the job
Socially acceptable white nationalism/racism
♦ Socially acceptable grifting

Socially acceptable misogyny
Socially acceptable bigotry
Socially acceptable xenophobia
Socially acceptable sexual assault
Socially acceptable bragging about sexual assault
Socially acceptable mocking of the disabled
Socially acceptable “Fake News” (father: Rush Limbaugh’s national radio show in 1988)
The 3/5-of-a-man clause in the Constitution (rebirth, since the Scary Negro in the White’s House wasn’t allowed to appoint a Supreme Court justice he was entitled to appoint—Antonin Scalia died on February 13, 2016, almost a year ago, people)
Trolling for Rubles
♦ Gaslighting (rebirth)
The Russian-friendly alt-left (rebirth)
Growing appreciation for Obamacare
A strong “Resist Tr-mp” movement

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  1. Agonizingly thoughtful. Painfully clever. Horrifyingly comprehensive.


  2. Anonymous

     /  January 20, 2017

    Das vadanya to the dignity of the Presidency.


  3. Anonymous

     /  January 21, 2017

    Nice approach with your list. And your own barbs.
    Sister Betsy DeVos praying for a painless end!


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