Trump Christians: This Is Your Legacy. You’d Better Hope To God There Isn’t A Hell.

I was out most of the day. This is what I came home to:

trump-christiansFrom the story:

WASHINGTON ― President Donald Trump signed an executive order Friday that bans Syrians from taking refuge in the United States, halts the U.S. refugee resettlement program for four months and temporarily blocks people from a handful of unnamed countries from entering the U.S. at all.

“I am establishing new vetting measures to keep radical Islamic terrorists out of the United States of America. We don’t want them here,” he said at a swearing-in ceremony at the Pentagon for Secretary of Defense James Mattis. “We don’t want to admit into our country the very threats we are fighting overseas.”

Trump approved the refugee ban amid the biggest refugee crisis in history and on Holocaust Remembrance Day, which honors the millions of people killed during World War II, many of whom tried to flee to the U.S. but were turned away.

A warning to all door-knocking Trump-supporting Christians who will, on some future day, try to tell me about the love of Jesus: you’d best avoid my house. Because I’ll tell you where to put your version of Jesus, and I will wish you a long, long, long, stay in the Hell you so much want to scare me with. The little boy in the picture above is a testament to how phony you are. He’s a testament to how riddled with hypocrisy is your Republican-oriented “faith.” His death, face down in that sand, demonstrates how vapid and bankrupt and immoral is the Christianity you peddle on television, in your churches, on social media, and, God help you, in your politics.

Oh. One final word. If you think you’re all that much better than the ISIS bastards who are directly responsible for the death of that little boy in the sand, think again. You’re not all that much better. You are made of the same cloth. The corrupt, extremist theology that led to his death is tethered to the corrupt, extremist theology you embrace, a theology that doesn’t give a shit about the death of other little boys, or girls, or women, or men, fleeing from religious fanatics.

The stink of that theology, temporal or eternal, is upon all of you. And on this water-dominated planet, there isn’t enough water to wash it away.



  1. The immigration issue is similar to the anti-abortion issue. The Party of No is just fine with bringing unwanted children into the world but they don’t want to spend any taxpayer money to help them once they are here. As Ebenezer Scrooge said, “Are the poorhouses not still in operation?”

    All people are equal, but some are more equal than others. Orwell was prescient. He saw it coming 68 years ago. Amazon just reported that hardcover and paperback copies of 1984 have sold out. Hmm. Could be a sign of some unrest around the country.

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    • Seems “It Can’t Happen Here” is in short supply, as well. I replaced my paperback with a hard cover copy a few years ago on Amazon for about six bucks. The few that are left are selling in $40+ range. Time for a re-read. “Catch-22” also.

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    • I ordered my new copy (kids have the other one somewhere in the house and I couldn’t find it so I thought I’d just go ahead and get another) from Amazon last Monday. The next day I saw the news that it was on the best seller list after Monday’s activity. Seems like I was a statistic 🙂

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  2. cbdoodle

     /  January 29, 2017

    My human dad has a word for these sorts of “Chrsitians” — he calls them the RIGHTOUSLESS.

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