Susan Rice To The Rescue

“Susan Rice is the Typhoid Mary of the Obama administration foreign policy.”

Senator Tom Cotton, Republican from Arkansas


Now that Susan Rice, former National Security Advisor for perhaps the last sane occupant of the White’s House we will ever have, has spoken (“I leaked nothing to nobody”), it is time to get a few things straight.

Image result for susan rice on andrea mitchell todayOne thing is the obvious, the expression of which is sad for the country but nevertheless true: Donald Tr-mp is dangerously unhinged. I have said that so many times and in so many ways that I know some people get tired of hearing it, but it is the first thing to understand about the dire situation our country is in at this existential moment. The man pretending to be our legitimate president is nuts.

The second thing to understand is that the dangerously unhinged man in the White’s House has slandered good people both before he got elected and since. He has accused President Obama of a very serious crime, with absolutely no evidence. He has used his Twitter account to essentially accuse Susan Rice of a very serious crime, of which there is also exactly no evidence. He simply has no problem believing the serial IQ killers at Fox and Friends over his own intelligence agencies. Nor does he have any problem believing any other right-wing conspiracy kook who happens to write something favorable about him, or unfavorable about someone he doesn’t like, or write something that might, in his twisted mind, validate his paranoia and temporarily soothe his pathological insecurities.

The third thing to understand, and perhaps most disturbing of all, is that now Tr-mp has some Republicans in Congress aggressively coming to his rescue, offering up the possibility that his slanderous accusations against both Obama and Rice have some credibility.  Senator Rand Paul, perhaps one of the most despicable senators in the Senate, if you don’t count Mitch McConnell, tweeted:

Smoking gun found! Obama pal and noted dissembler Susan Rice said to have been spying on Trump campaign. 

Of course there is no evidence for that. All there is evidence for is that Rice was doing her job as the National Security Advisor, by going through proper channels of “unmasking” the names of Tr-mp transition people in the intelligence reports who were having conversations with Russians, so she could better understand what was going on. There was nothing unusual about this, as many people in the intelligence community have publicly acknowledged. In any case, the very columnist Paul linked to contradicted what Paul (and Tr-mp) have slanderously tweeted. Eli Lake wrote in his article:

Rice’s requests to unmask the names of Trump transition officials do not vindicate Trump’s own tweets from March 4 in which he accused Obama of illegally tapping Trump Tower. There remains no evidence to support that claim.

Remember, a delusional Rand Paul tweeted: “Smoking gun found! Obama pal and noted dissembler Susan Rice said to have been spying on Trump campaign.” That accusation is utter bullshit. And, as I said, it is slander. But apparently, after you spend the weekend massaging the putter of Agent Orange on the golf course or in the clubhouse after the match, slander in the name of Tr-mp becomes much easier to commit.

The last thing to understand about all this mess, at least for now, is what former Ambassador Michael McFaul said on MSNBC today. He worked three years for the National Security Council before he became ambassador to Moscow. He said he has dealt “with a lot of classified information.” And he said, echoing what Susan Rice said herself:

The reason we’re talking about this is that White House officials in the Tr-mp administration leaked classified information about Susan Rice asking to mask or unmask. Now, I just listened to a House Intelligence Committee—I heard many, many people speak for hours about how leaking is bad. I agree with that and I want to make sure your viewers understand we would not be talking about this were it not for the fact that Tr-mp administration officials leaked classified information.

What McFaul said is essential to understanding the deflection going on here. There must be something serious going on, something criminally serious going on, with the Tr-mp-Russia investigation that would require such extraordinary means to try to protect Agent Orange, or someone or several someones in the weird gaggle of garish gangsters that comprised his transition team. It will take some time to find out the details, but the outline is becoming clearer every day:

1) Tr-mp is crazy and he and many of those around him are corrupt.

2) Too many Republicans are willing to overlook both the craziness and the corruption, and,

3) the game is to divert attention away from the craziness and corruption by invoking the name of the most evil villain known to Republicans, aside from Hillary Clinton and Barack Hussein Obama: the demonic Susan Rice.

The truth, eventually, will come out, despite attempts by the liars in the White’s House, their enablers in Congress, and the conservative media complex spreading propaganda all in support of a man and his Putinesque posse who are hell-bent on using the presidency and its trappings to make as much money as they can before they are thrown out of power, either by the force of law, or by the judgment of We the People.



  1. Hilarious. It is pretty obvious the Obama regime used the state (NSA, IRS, etc.) to spy on and attack opponents.

    We just need investigations and prosecution and prison sentences.

    Standard GOP pussy wussies wouldn’t do it.

    Trump might.


    • It’s “pretty obvious” you say. That seems like a justifiable standard of proof for a Breitbart writer. I’ll warn you, though. Don’t try the “pretty obvious” argument next time you’re in court, Bruce. Your personal intuition may make you qualified to submit articles to a right-wing rag, but it won’t get you very far with a judge.

      Weirdly, I do agree with something you said. We do need investigations and, if necessary, prosecutions and, if the evidence warrants them, prison sentences. Agent Orange would look great in an orange jumpsuit, should there be real evidence that he committed a crime. But, using your standard of proof, I guess I could go to the judge hearing any future Tr-mp case and say, “Your honor, it’s pretty obvious Tr-mp is guilty. Now, please get him a jumpsuit to match his hair.” But, unless that judge is a Tr-mp-appointed jurist, I doubt I would get very far. Even a creep like Tr-mp deserves a fair trial, based on real evidence.

      Oh, there is another thing on which we agree. There are plenty of “Standard GOP pussy wussies” out there. I’m represented by two of them, Ozark Billy Long and Roy Blunt.



  2. I assume, BruceMajors, that you jest, or are being sarcastic. Otherwise, I am concerned for your well-being; mental well-being, that is. Can you clarify, please?


  3. This is a fair assessment, Duane. I must admit that the term “unmasking” was unfamiliar to me in this context. I know intelligence agencies are legally constrained from surveillance of US citizens without a warrant, but incidental listening is inevitable. It is one more example of the pitfalls of technology. Seems to me it’s similar to pretending that the judicial branch is not political.

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    • Jim,

      One of the most ridiculous things Gorsuch said, at least during the hours I was following his confirmation hearing, was that bit of nonsense about the Court not being political. In some ways, the Court has always been political. But after Bush v. Gore in 2000, it just became so apparent that only a fool would deny what we all could see then, and, with what happened to Merrick Garland last year, can see now.

      As for the rest of it, I know you get all this, Jim. But I’m afraid it goes over the heads of a lot of people who don’t pay close attention to what’s going on. That’s why the deflection works. If you go on Twitter and look at how fast the phony Susan Rice story has caught on, and is passed around like it was gospel, you would be in a state of shock, and sadness. We are in a heap of trouble, my friend. The world is always a dangerous place, but it is much more dangerous with people in charge on our side who a) don’t respect any of our internal institutions or observe even basic international norms and b) have rank amateurs doing the jobs that professionals have difficulty doing and c) are willing to deliberately spread lies to cover up incompetence, corruption, and utter stupidity.

      I don’t think it is possible to ever recover (at least fully) from not only what has happened so far, but what is sure to happen as we move forward in time. I’m genuinely both frightened and depressed. But I’m also disgusted with a segment of the electorate who not only did not see this coming and voted for Agent Orange, but who are sticking by him now. And I am hysterically disgusted by GOP leaders in Congress for continuing to pretend that Tr-mp is just an eccentric who does things a little differently than other presidents but is not alarmingly disordered. It is damned sickening.


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  4. Michael,

    I can’t answer for Bruce but I certainly can provide my views and concerns. I am not unhinged or insane (or a racist, bigot, flat out stupid, etc.) as well despite what
    the “General” herein might say or think.

    First, Russia has always tried to influence our elections thru propoganda. If that surprises you that they are still doing so then I would suggest you or others are not facing reality. It is what we can do to reduce such effects (like not hand out passwords if you are a campaign manager or staffer for same) to protect legitimate private information in the hands of campaign organizations.

    What really concerns me is the possibility that one political organization (Dems this time around) have access to and USE highly classified information gathered by intelligence agencies for political purposes. If a political opponent is “sweep up” in legal intelligence activities the use of that information for political purposes is (or should be) totally illegal.

    I am sure NSA has tons of megadata on me. If I decided to run for office if anyone used that data to oppose my political aspirations it would be a grave misuse of such strictly intelligence info collected for reasons of national security against foreign powers.

    BUT, if I in fact was “colluding with a foreign power”, passing classified information to them, passing them rumors (official, insider information) I may have picked up, etc., etc. THEN that becomes a criminal act on my part. The FBI, but NO intelligence agency, should participate in investigating such matters against me.

    I was actually educated in college how to handle classified information. Midshipman in their junior and senior years were provided “confidental” (only) documents to study. We HAD to keep them under lock and keys, inventories, etc. and the consequences for mishandling those documents were severe to say the least for such college students. While on active duty the most “dangerous job” on a submarine was to be the “classified material custodian” responsible for the security of very highly classified (above Top Secret). Careers ended for such junior officers (and even their skippers or XO’s) when such material was improperly stowed, lost or God forbid passed to uncleared individuals. We used to keep a curtain around the charts used for navigation as such ship’s position info was above TS sometimes.

    If some “sailor” saw the lat/long of the ship at a given time and then told his buddies in a bar “we were at ……” last month then here comes NCIS for real and God help anyone involved. Sailors go to jail for such “leaks” whether intentional or not.

    The promulgation of ANY classified material for political purposes is illegal, immoral, “sneaky”, and a whole host of other words. It is fine with me if such information is used by properly cleared law enforcement purposes (ONLY) but when given to reporters, pundits, etc. for political purposes then someone needs to be “shot” (severely disciplined).

    I already put up a “wall of text” herein in a previous blog describing why the misuse of classified materials for political purposes is such a grave (worse than Watergate) concern to me. When American citizens do so THAT is much worse, in my view, than Russians using espionage to find out our secrets, political or not. Countries spy on other countries all the time. But citizens, using the power of government, to spy on our own citizens for political purposes is GRAVE indeed.

    Any wonder why most Americans today simply do not “trust our own government” anymore/ And as with Watergate, “the coverup is worse than the crime” IF someone did exactly that, used classified materials for political purposes. I am surprised that does not worry you as well, Michael., or Duane for that matter. Both of you are outraged that Russians (probably) spied on Clinton but you express no concern about a Dem controlled administration might just as well have used classified material found while spying on Russians but also then “sweeping up” some Americans as well. Illegal, immoral, etc. to do so and I firmly believe some in the Obama administration did exactly that. But proving it, Ha!



  5. Duane and Michael,

    I won’t speak for Bruce, obviously, but will share my concerns, again.

    Using highly classified material for political purposes is WRONG. It is also illegal as all hell to give such information to uncleared people.

    If such classified material reveals criminal acts by American citizens then fine, use it to investigate and even prosecute such individuals. But do so “securely” UNTIL the information must be used in a court of law.

    Rice can indeed make a case why she should be able to know who said what in an intelligence collection activity. But she CANNOT EVER reveal such information on an American citizen to ANYONE unless it is so revealed in a criminal investigation conducted as a “classified investigation”. If the FBI needs “To[ Secret” information to conduct an authorized criminal investigation then give it to them by all means. But leaking it to anyone else, well people should go to jail for such actions.

    Where does “spin” come into play in such matters. Spin is part of criminal coverups with Watergate being the prime example. Giving a deposition, etc. demands telling the whole truth so help you God, not just half the truth or spin. Lawyers may disagree I suppose but…..

    Valarie Jarret, Susan Rice, probably many others were very close to the President and had the clearances (maybe) to see all so to speak. But to then reveal anything classified to anyone is, again, illegal and when used for political purposes becomes ………..

    I EXPECT Russia to spy on “us”, anywhere, anytime. But I DEMAND that my own elected government or any official serving in that government should NEVER spy on ME, or you, etc. Of course if probably cause exists to launch a criminal investigation and an American judge approves one, a warrant can and should be use to spy on me, or you, etc. for alleged criminal behavior, but not political activities, unless they become criminal and such acts are discovered through legal searches, not spying on Russians and sweeping up Americans as well. Only is the rarest circumstances should such intelligence collection be used against any American and we can argue all day who, specifically, should grant the authority to move such information from “intelligence files” to “criminal files”.

    This is potentially worse, far worse, that Watergate. Now we are seeing a potential coverup in the early stages as well. I don’t get that opinion from Fox, Brietbart, etc. I read the WaPost and form my own opinions. I have also checked in with Woodward recently and he agrees this is a really big deal, to find out if intelligence means and resources were used for political purposes, anytime by any administration, against American citizens.


    • Anson,

      I repeat: there is exactly zero evidence that Susan Rice used “highly classified material for political purposes.” Nothing. Not one damned thing. Except an accusation by a liar named Donald J. Tr-mp. You can choose to believe that liar if you want. But I will wait until some real evidence comes forth.

      In the mean time, you have a strange indifference to the absolute fact that the Russians helped Donald Tr-mp win the election and have done, and are still doing, everything they can to muck up our political system. That is what is bigger than Watergate, particularly since Tr-mp asked them for help on July 27 of last year. And should it be proven that Tr-mp or anyone on his team colluded with the bastards behind the scenes, then we would have a crisis in this country that no one would know how to resolve. Your indifference to this, coupled with your focus on something for which there is no evidence, is astounding to me, especially given your background. No, to be honest, your indifference to the Russian-Tr-mp issue is shocking.

      But I guess I should not be surprised, in these times, that tolerance on the right for Russian interference in our election, tolerance on the right for a presidential candidate asking the Russians for help out in the open, is all part of the disintegration of our political system and, quite likely, the eventual undoing of our democracy. I just never thought you would be a part of it by essentially ignoring all of that in favor of attacking with innuendo the integrity of President Obama (whom Tr-mp falsely accused of a high crime) and a former National Security Advisor.

      Honestly, Anson, your reaction to this, your utter indifference and seeming unconcern for what Tr-mp has done to our democracy already, is sad. And, to tell you the truth, it makes me ill.



  6. Duane,

    I hope you get well soon, Duane and will do my best not to contribute to any “illness”. But I won’t yet stop commenting herein unless you ask me to leave.

    For reasons that are none of your business, I am in better physical and mental health right now than since I began public writing in 2008. So thinking I am insane, crazy, far too partisan politically, etc. due to any change in my mental or physical status is not correct, medically.

    Let’d be clear again what I don’t like, politically right now. First,I am very disappoint that an opportunity for conservative government at the national level fell into the hands of a man like Donald Trump. Second, if Trump or any of his supporters broke the law(s), particularly in dealing with any foreign power, then prosecute them in open court and throw them in jail. Finally, if any Dems broke the law, in particular the laws associated with protecting American citizens from spying on them by their own government, then the same (trial and jail) for them as well.

    There is absolutely nothing I can do about the first problem, the FACT that Trump is our legal President. Sure I could rant and rave about him, etc. but removal from office of our President I must leave to our Congress and our courts of law.

    As to the second and third points above, I can read, watch, listen and form my own opinions from the most reliable sources I can find. But in the end, you and I are stuck with gaining information about current accusations flying all over the place from the same unclassified sources, the media in all it forms, right, left, good, bad, etc. I am trying to do that as best I can.

    I have not accused Rice of anything, yet. I have no idea what she might have done nor do you, yet, or not done for that matter. So far it is her words against leakers, etc. But I do KNOW (as do you) that someone broke a very important law when they leaked highly classified info about Flynn, at least. Someone in the government leaked the existence of a “transcript” containing information about Flynn “talking to” the Russian Ambassador. Do you yet have any idea what Flynn or the Ambassador SAID??? A phone call may be very politically incorrect but NOT illegal, as far as I know.

    That act, leaking classified material, is a very big deal to me. It is compounded that it was done for political purposes only, leaking to the press. You and I should have had no idea that such information was available UNTIL it was properly introduced into a court of law, period. Sure that info should be available to FBI and prosecutors in DOJ as the case is investigated and later (maybe) turned into an indictment. But until Flynn is charged, you, me or any other normal citizen should not be made aware of what is going on. LIke it or not we must trust the FBI and DOJ to do the right things.

    Once it goes to court we can both read or watch the trial and form all sorts of opinions about justice at that point. But there is no way at all you, me or even the media can “try the case in public” before …..;……. Right now we are “trying a case in the media” based on leaks, rumor, innuendo, etc. and we have been doing just that since the dawn of the “information age”.

    As for Russia trying to influence our elections, as I have written before, they have done it for a long time and will continue to try to do it. Let’s find out HOW THEY DID IT and put more roadblocks in their path. Simply saId, let’s really get serious about cyber security all over America and stop thinking that laws alone will stop a foreign power from spying on us, which all foreign powers try to do all the time, no matter who is in the WH or which American political party screams the loudest.

    Did American citizens break a law to HELP Russia spy on us? Maybe they did. Find’em and “fry’em” is my goal, no matter who they might be. Did some American citizen gain access to highly classified material LEGALLY but then “leak it” to ANYONE for political purposes?. Again, find’em and “fry’em” is my goal.

    This is the first time that I know of in our history where legally gathered intelligence information about a foreign power has been leaked to the public for political purposes. It is almost like Presidential level gathered “dirt” is used politically. Hoover did exactly the same with criminal surveillance collected and “filed” to use against Presidents (and others)

    Why that is not the “biggest deal” of all this mess to you is a surprise to me. I guess it is because a Dem administration MAY have recently “acted like Hoover”!!

    But neither of us will know the truth for a while it seems, maybe never.



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