“The GOP health plan is an act of class warfare by the rich against the poor”

There are a lot of articles out there explaining just how bad the GOP’s American Health Care Act is, many of them focused on the 24 million people the CBO estimates will lose health insurance. But there’s much more to the bill than that. One of the clearest articles I’ve found on other aspects of this lewd legislation is by Dylan Matthews at Vox. I will post here some excerpts from that piece [emphasis mine] that ought to disturb you, but you should read the details for a more comprehensive understanding of how out of touch the Republican Party is on the issues involved with our health insurance system and the healthcare it is supposed to provide, as well as who it is the Republican Party really exists to serve:

♦ “No legislation enacted in recent decades cut low-income programs this much — or even comes close,” Robert Greenstein, the founder and president of the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, told me.

♦ The American Health Care Act is one of the most significant income redistribution programs the US government has ever considered, from the poor to the wealthy rather than the other way around.

♦ The Republican plan kills [Medicaid] expansion.

♦ And then the plan restricts coverage further by slashing Medicaid funding to states, using a tool called a “per capita cap.” […] That means states will have less money for Medicaid, and they will likely respond by kicking people off the rolls or giving them worse coverage.

♦ Then there are the cuts to the insurance subsidies established under Obamacare…In other words, the Republican credits will be smaller, and they will be more targeted toward the rich. The result is a $312 billion net spending cut, and the $361 billion in tax credit spending that remains would be redirected to richer people.

♦ Repealing that tax [the 3.8 percent tax the Affordable Care Act applied to capital gains, dividend, and interest income for families with $250,000] is a change that, by definition, only helps the rich, or at least the affluent…The Tax Policy Center finds that repealing the tax would amount to an average tax cut of $0 for households in the bottom 90 percent — those making $208,500 or below….By contrast, members of the top 0.1 percent, who each on average make more than $3.75 million annually, would get an average tax cut of $165,090.

♦ The Republican bill would repeal this surtax [the 0.9 percent Medicare surtax, a hike on wage income in excess of $250,000]…That would give everyone in the bottom 90 percent an average tax cut of $0, per the Tax Policy Center. The richest of the rich, the top 0.1 percent, would get an average cut of $30,520.

♦ The AHCA would reverse one of the greatest actions against inequality ever taken by the federal government, and then increase inequality yet further. It is an act of class warfare against low-income Americans, waged for the benefit of the handful of rich taxpayers affected by Obamacare’s surtaxes.

Inequality effects of Obama’s policies

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