They Own It Now. The Fight Is On.

As House Republicans crudely celebrated what is right now only a symbolic screwing of the sick, the poor, the middle class, and anyone who doesn’t have great wealth; as they rudely rejoiced in doing what their rich donors wanted them to do; as they bathed Image result for republicans celebrate with trump at white house todayin the orange glory of one of the most shameful votes in modern times, they did so while all of us in the Resistance are watching.

And waiting and working for 2018 and 2020.

The Republican Party, no matter what happens to BillyCare in the Senate, now will be held officially responsible for all of the problems with our health insurance and healthcare system. All of the problems. Every single one. As my hero Nancy Pelosi put it to her GOP colleagues before the vote:

Some of you have said … well, they’ll fix it in the Senate. But you have every provision of this bill tattooed on your forehead. You will glow in the dark on this one.

As we wait for the calendar to turn, as we save our pennies to donate to Democratic candidates in competitive districts, our job as Resisters is to keep up the pressure, keep up the protests, keep writing our representatives, and keep demanding the press pursue and tell the truth about Tr-mp and what the GOP is doing to the country. Keep tattooing Republicans. Keep them glowing in the dark.

Let’s go over a few numbers. Democrats need to pick up 24 seats between now and 2019 to take back the House. In 2016, Republicans won 23 seats in districts that voted for Hillary Clinton. That is the place to start, of course. Today, only nine of those 23 voted against that legislative monstrosity laughingly called a “health” bill. So, at least 14 of those 23 who voted “yes” are absolutely vulnerable next time (several of them waited until the last minute to see if their vote was needed; turned out it was). The other nine will have to go too, of course. Even though they didn’t support the bill (although some of them undoubtedly were ready to do so if necessary), they should remove the “R” tatoo from their bodies after today. If they don’t, they will glow in the dark right along with their reactionary friends. But we can’t just focus on those 23 House districts. That wouldn’t be enough and we may not win them all. There are a least a couple dozen other seats currently held by Republicans that, given Tr-mp and Tr-mpism, we have to fight for. NBC News’ Bradd Jaffy pointed out that “25 of 35 House GOP in competitive districts voted ‘yes'” today. The Democratic Party has to recruit good candidates in all those districts and fund them to the hilt.

In the 2018 Senate elections, Democrats will have to defend a staggering 23 seats and Republicans only nine (the two “independents” are also up). Those elections will be tough because many of those Democratic seats are in states, like Indiana and here in Missouri, that Tr-mp won last time and won big. But we have a good chance of taking Nevada from the Republicans and, believe it or not, Arizona is in play and, if things get really crazy, so is Texas. Probably the most optimistic view is that Democrats hold all their seats and win two, meaning a 50-50 Senate split and, sadly, Mike Pence would be king. Probably the most realistic view is that Democrats hold most of their seats and pick off a Republican and either end up where they are now or slightly worse or slightly better. And in case you have your hopes up for 2020, where Republicans have many more seats to defend, I suggest you take a look at this sober and sobering analysis of those elections from a Daily Kos contributor. As I said, it’s tough.

But we don’t know what politics will look like in four years, where the defeat of Tr-mp, if he’s still around, is certainly going to be paramount. For now, the focus is 2018. And Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren and those on that side of the Democratic Party have to stop attacking it and start talking it up. Centrist and conservative-leaning Democrats will have to do the same, even as we all properly make Tr-mp and the resulting Tr-mpism the focus of this fight. As many have said, it’s “all hands on deck” time.

I mentioned that we need to start saving our pennies to help fund good candidates. They might not be the most liberal or progressive candidates in some cases. They may not share all of your or my ideological preferences. But if they believe in the basics of the Democratic Party—like insuring that the economy and our political system works for all Americans, not just the rich—they deserve our support. I just want to emphasize something important: the protests are great; our letters and emails and calls to Congress are great; expressing opinions in local papers is great; writing blogs is great; engaging others on Facebook and Image result for dollar signTwitter and elsewhere is great. But our political system, as we all know, operates on money. It shouldn’t but it does.

So, when I say save your pennies for the upcoming fight, I mean to say that money is a big part of this, too. Democrats need your determined spirit, your energy, your commitment. But they also need your money. If you don’t have a lot of dough under your mattress or you don’t have a wad of cash buried in a jar in the back yard, start some kind of formal or informal savings plan to make sure you have some financial resources available to share with the only mechanism we have that can stop what we saw today.

Say what you want about Bernie Sanders and the campaign he ran last time, but he managed to rake in a lot of cash from “little guy” donors. Millions of them. And, according to Open Secrets, Hillary Clinton’s campaign (not including the big SuperPAC supporting her) raised over $105 million from “small individual contributions.” So, especially now that the reality of Tr-mp is sinking in across the country, we know plenty of people are willing to part with their hard-earned money to fight the good fight.

Save up. In fact, toss a buck or two in a jar right now and get it started. The 2018 campaign has already begun.


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  1. Ben Field

     /  May 4, 2017


    Absolutely they will own it! Possibly they will also own the remains of people killed as a result of this partisan ignorance. There is a website by a group of people that stand to die under the ACHA, that plan on mailing their ashes to Congress. It is called


  2. Kevin Beck

     /  May 5, 2017

    CNN Predicted losers in Trumpcare Bill- elderly, low income, people w pre-existing conditions. In other words, SW Missouri. Not having younger, healthier citizens contribute to HC expenses is like having only people who have a car crash pay for car insurance. Why don’t we do that? Because the entire system would colllapse, there would be no profit, no incentive to sell auto insurance. Auto insurance prices would go through the roof. I am sure if I was able to not pay for car insurance, I could set that money aside and pay for my own accidents. So why are we forced to have car insurance? If people can chance it with much more costly health care, why can’t I do it with auto insurance as well?
    We are forced to have auto insurance to protect other drivers- no fault. Shouldn’t people be forced to do the same for thier health in case if a catostrophic event,such as cancer?


  3. King Beauregard

     /  May 5, 2017

    The Republicans tried to repeal Obamacare for years, but people are only taking it seriously now. Could these people not figure out that a Democratic president was the only thing keeping their coverage safe? I think they knew it at some level, hence the lack of previous panic … so I am astonished that people couldn’t foresee any of this back in November. Hell, they didn’t even need to foresee it; “alarmists” like me (and you, Duane) tried to warn them that President Trump would be bad for them. This isn’t even two-dimensional chess; it’s probably closer to Hungry Hungry Hippos, and even so it’s beyond the powers of these people.

    Oh well, they say laughter is the best medicine, so even without Obamacare I could remain healthy for decades just based on the following:


  4. ansonburlingame

     /  May 6, 2017

    Kevin and Duane,

    Duane wrote above “Centrist and conservative-leaning Democrats will have to ……..”. I ask, who such people might be today? I listed such names from long ago (30 years or so) that fit my definition of such politicians but for the life of me I can’t think of a single Dem that I see in the news today that comes close to such political positions. Oh that I could find one and latch on to their advocacy.

    Had the tremendous pressure from the Left, from Bernie, et al, NOT arisen in the 2016 campaign I might have found a way to vote for Hillary. Instead I wrote in a vote for one man, no longer “in politics”, Jim Webb. But men or women such as he has been and is today, don’t stand a chance in Dem party politics today. That is just like “centrists” in the GOP are a dying (or dead) breed today.

    I liked Kevin’s post above simply because it mentioned a different path to seek some form of compromise in the endless HC debate. It is not a panacea in any way, model HC insurance mandate along the lines of auto insurance, but it is a small start, and one I have heard before.

    Of course the “humanitarian” critique of Kevin’s thoughts won’t satisfy Bernie, et al. Fail to pay for mandated auto insurance and one loses the right to drive. Fail to buy HC insurance, following that line of thinking, would result in the loss of a right to HC. As well, no one can get a loan to buy a car without as well buying auto insurance (some minimum amount) to ensure the loan will be paid by such insurance vendor to the loaner. No insurance, no loan thus no car to drive (unless one pays cash for the car and then drives it, illegally, without insurance) Try getting such HC legislation through any Congress that needed some mild support from Dems, today.

    Just imagine, if we in fact had “centrist, conservative-leaning Dems” AND “centrist, liberal-leaning GOPers”, today and THEY, together, could assemble a majority voting block in both the House and the Senate. What a difference that would make in America today. It would be a return to days of old, the way America got through the Cold War, helped a lot to rebuild
    Europe, and created a country that was the envy of the world for some 50 years after WWII.

    We don’t stand a chance, politically, doing that today. We go into undeclared wars, then lose them and leave. We then whiplash back to going back for another undeclared war. Anyone really believe such approaches will “destroy ISIS”, bring “peace” to the Middle East, etc.?

    We have been arguing about immigration reform for decades but no reform, no real change, just stalemate, debating whether or not to enforce the “law”, which in fact is the LAW, like it or not. Whatever happened to the “rule of law” when half the country hates the current law but can’t change it. What happens is Black Lives Matter, etc., today!

    Talking about whiplash. Try to budget a small business today with one of the major expenses being decisions related to HC. I submit it is now impossible to create a “5 year business plan” for such an enterprise, given the extreme uncertainty over what will happen next in HC legislation.

    Did I write herein recently that Americans want stability? Anyone care to think why Putin is very “popular” in Russia today, giving that whiplashed nation some sense of stability (OK, stability at the point of a gun) and articulating a path back to superpower status, to hell with what the rest of the world wants Russia to do.

    As for money in politics, forget saving coins in a jar in some hope that will make a difference. For damn sure Hillary did not lose the 2016 election because of a lack of money. There will always be a ton of money pouring into politics in America from both sides, Soros vs Koch Bros, etc. If you want to limit money needed to campaign today, just pass a law that mandates “Free advertising on TV” for all candidates!!! As well buy each candidate a small airplane to allow them to fly anywhere and speak (scream) all they like.

    I don’t think I have ever contributed a dime to any political campaign, in my life. But American politics certainly has never suffered because I refuse to waste my money on such nonsense.

    Good thoughts Kevin, but ……… I am sad to say.



    • Anonymous

       /  May 7, 2017

      You voted for Jim Webb?! No, you voted for Trump by casting such a stupid vote!


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