Betraying America Versus The Agenda

Several hours ago, Tr-mp, who is destroying American credibility in the world faster than even I imagined he could, tweeted the following:

Russian officials must be laughing at the U.S. & how a lame excuse for why the Dems lost the election has taken over the Fake News.

Obviously, Tr-mp is obsessed with the Russia scandal he and his cronies and his relatives are trapped in. But his obsession is not shared by all Republicans. In fact, it doesn’t appear to me that Republicans really give a damn about it. There are a few here and there who express some concern, but mostly the Republican attitude is what I heard this morning from the lips of a Republican strategist named Jason Osborne, who worked for both Ben Carson and Tr-mp. He said, “The Russia investigation is all a bunch of noise,” with the purpose of disrupting the Republican agenda in Congress. “There’s no story here, as far as I can tell,” Osborne said, “Nobody has said anything that there’s illegalities that have been committed.”

Well, since I’ve grown tired of saying it myself (7/27/2016, anyone?), I’ll allow David Corn, of Mother Jones, to say it: “We Already Know Tr-mp Betrayed America.” That piece details all the reasons why it doesn’t matter, in terms of what Americans should think about what happened, whether “explicit collusion” or Osborne’s “illegalities” are ever found in any of the Tr-mp-Russia investigations. As Corn says:

Tr-mp actively and enthusiastically aided and abetted Russian President Vladimir Putin’s plot against America. This is the scandal. It already exists—in plain sight.

You hear a lot of chatter on television about how much “smoke” there is around this whole Tr-mp-Russia thing, but it ain’t just smoke. Corn ends his piece with this:

This country needs a thorough and public investigation to sort out how the Russian operation worked, how US intelligence and the Obama administration responded, and how Tr-mp and his associates interacted with Russia and WikiLeaks. But whatever happened out of public view, the existing record is already conclusively shameful. Tr-mp and his crew were active enablers of Putin’s operation to subvert an American election. That is fire, not smoke. That is scandal enough.

Well, that should be scandal enough. But with an ethically bankrupt Republican Party in charge of Congress, the fact that Tr-mp and his team enabled the Russian plot to undermine our election isn’t scandal enough. All that matters is The Agenda. That nasty, cruel, deadly, billionaire-friendly policy agenda slowly making its way through Congress. Enacting into law that legislative mix of malice and selfishness and ideological insanity is the reason why the immoral or amoral nature of leaders like Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell are on display for all to see, for all who want to see.

Just a while ago, Tr-mp, knowing how much The Agenda means to the twisted ideologues in the Republican Party, tweeted out the following:

The U.S. Senate should switch to 51 votes, immediately, and get Healthcare and TAX CUTS approved, fast and easy. Dems would do it, no doubt!

“TAX CUTS.” Tr-mp, being an unprincipled person himself, understands enough about his fellow unprincipled Republicans in Congress to shout TAX CUTS to them. That’s the Image result for tax cutsgravy. Tr-mp knows that’s what Republicans believe is worth selling their thin souls for. TAX CUTS for their wealthy friends, their wealthy donors, the people they admire most in the world.

Tr-mp reveals a lot about himself in his tweets. And in this one, shouting TAX CUTS, he reveals what he knows about Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell and most of the rest of the Republican Party: there is nothing more important to them than TAX CUTS. Not the Constitution. Not America’s standing in the world. Not Tr-mp and his family enriching themselves at the expense of the rest of us. And certainly not Tr-mp’s open betrayal of America by his official or unofficial collusion with Vladmir Putin and his Russian friends. Nothing.

Nothing but TAX CUTS.



  1. ansonburlingame

     /  May 31, 2017

    The stridency of your views is equivalent to those of Maxine Waters. You sound like peas in the same pod. Both of you call for Trump’s immediate impeachment and you both started such rants soon after the election. It is one thing to investigate allegations and THEN proceed with whatever case(s) can be made for legal action. It is a whole different matter to start any investigations with the end result already in mind.

    Neither of you will acknowledge the simple fact that Americans decided that the continuing advance to more and more socialism was not the right path to take. Where Obama was trying to lead was rejected in, like it or not, a legal election and thus a “legitimate” presidency.

    I for one am disgusted with everything any administration proposes is now immediately faced with “dead on arrival” ideas. Just as an example, what kind of budget would a Democrat administration propose instead of what Trump has proposed? Consider the end result, the amount of money needed to be collected and spent in any budget proposal from Left or Right. “Your” budget would continue to reduce money for defense and continue to spend far more that the federal government can “make”. So where I ask is the right compromise position and what is the end result of such compromise? Your blog will never answer that question.

    Permit me, if possible, to offer just this one idea, related to HC. Medicare, just Medicare and nothing else, is a great program no doubt, to relieve suffering due to poor health for older Americans. BUT to pursue that program and keep it going as demanded requires deficit spending to the tune of a few $100’s of Billions each year. Why not do what is needed to make Medicare, alone, financially sustainable for the 50 Million (or so) that benefit from that program?

    Herb indicated a CA “desire” to enact single pay HC just within that state. Great! Do it (and figure out how to pay for it in CA). If it works then that becomes a model of other States perhaps, or perhaps not. Who knows until we try it somewhere before committing the entire country to such a radical (for America at least) idea.

    One of the great tests for political leadership in America today is to ensure that whatever government decides to do it becomes financially sustainable. To throw all sorts of programs up against the wall and then see later what might “stick”, given financial wherewithal only means once every two years or so another fight in Congress over the debt ceiling, which will always just keep getting bigger and bigger, no matter what.

    For some 70 years now Western Europe had been able to pursue a movement towards socialism because American wealth and defenses have shielded those countries from the need to pay for things they don’t want to pay for. Trump is now saying, “no more” and Merckel is saying “we must now do it ourselves”. One solution to that problem is elect another president like Obama, continue to reduce defense spending as Bernie calls for and the simple fact will result that America will become unable to respond to European needs for defense, like it or not. We can all see Putin rubbing his hands in glee as that inevitable move towards weakness results in much greater freedom for Russia to do its thing in the face of a fractured and relatively defenseless Europe calling for the “civilized world to DEMAND……”

    I close with another challenge to you, Duane. Just let your readers know the federal income tax rates your would suggest in a Democrat Party “tax reform” bill to offer in the face for what Trump will propose. What will the top rate become in “your” proposal; 50%, 70%, or what and what will be the level of income before that top rate kicks in; $250K, $150K, etc. Do the same with business income taxes, currently at 35%. Where should those taxes wind up?

    After that drill is completed then tell me which proposal will result in significantly improved GROWTH in GDP. If we as a country fail to GROW, economically, we all know the end result of that situation in a competitive world. We get weaker and weaker until ………

    Trump is clearly not the answer to such profound and basic matters. But neither is Bernie/Warren.



    • Anson,

      Nope. Tr-mp is not a legitimate president. His begging the Russians for help on July 27, 2016, after he already got plenty of their help, was enough for me. That was collaboration, even in the crude way he did it. And the mere fact that it is not disputed (except by Tr-mp himself) that the Russians sabotaged his opponent, who otherwise would have won that election, is also enough to make him illegitimate. You can make all the arguments for legitimacy you want, but you can’t overcome those two hurdles. The problem is the Founders left us no remedy for the situation we are in, which is having an illegitimate president and a party who refuses to impeach and convict him for violating, on his first day in office, the Emoluments Clause of our Constitution. That very first day he should have been impeached, if the Constitution really meant anything at all to those on your side who spent 8 years saying Obama was shitting on it.

      And you can keep suggesting that Obama was some kind of socialist, but that is no truer today than when you first started saying similar things years ago. One last time: people on the left in this country did not like Obama. WTF does that tell you?

      Oh, about the idea that my “blog will never answer” the question of budget compromises, etc. Damn. We have exchanged countless comments on budget issues. I have written I don’t know how many pieces on those issues. I don’t know how many times I have to say that I think taxes are too low for everyone, but especially for the wealthy. I don’t know how many times I have to say that running a deficit and managing a debt is doable and sustainable, so long as the economy is growing. You might go on some other liberal blog and find someone who doesn’t bother to answer the “how do we pay for all this” question, but not here. I have dealt, time and again, with budget and tax issues. We are a rich country; we can afford nice things; but the wealth has to be better distributed; taxes are one way of better distributing that wealth. 

      The problem with one state doing its own thing on single-payer is this: it won’t work. It simply won’t work if one state does it, Anson. People are free to come and go between states as they please and it won’t work to have a decent healthcare sytem in one state and a crappy one in another. It’s sort of like restrictions on guns. Illinois can have all the gun laws it wants, but guns will flow into that state, and into Chicago, through other states where you can get a gun easier than you can a soda. Single-payer healthcare has to be a country-wide system, just like Medicare is. And people have to be willing to pay for it, just like they do Medicare (or Social Security). But until someone with courage, and the persona to carry it off, can come along and explain how much all this will cost, and that all of us will have to pay for it, but that we will be better off in the end, it won’t happen. We’ll continue to limp along with a system that costs about twice as much as it should and our insurance premiums will continue to go up and up and our benefits down and down, just like they have for decades now.

      On the issue of Europe, you, like Tr-mp, apparently don’t understand that a stable Europe is in our interest and therefore worth paying for. In the global economy, we would suffer if Europe reverted back to its pre-NATO days. When you say “American wealth and defenses have shielded those countries from the need to pay for things they don’t want to pay for,” that ignores the fact that we are investing in Europe for our own well-being, not because we are altruists. That was clear after WWII. That’s the main reason we did what we did back then, in terms of helping to rebuild Europe and establish NATO. And while even Obama recognized that Europe needed to chip in more dollars, he never threatened the alliance like that fool Tr-mp has done. That’s some stupid and dangerous shit he’s playing with and I can’t believe you’re not more worried about it.

      As for your challenge, as I said, we have been over this ground so many times. But the short version: I am for a return to the 1994 tax law that Bush repealed and Obama only partially restored. And I’d be willing to lower the corporate tax rate to whatever level makes competitive sense, so long as a comparable amount of revenue is raised from the wealthy. Yes, that means more taxes on the rich. Sorry. They have plenty and plenty have nothing or not much. 


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  2. DG

     /  May 31, 2017

    Hey Ansonburger,
    You republicans have been expressing a tremendous amount of compassion against the Trump-Russian probe, as indicated in your first paragraph. Why? You racketeering lovers showed no concerned about tearing the limbs off of two of our country’s most distinguished citizens. Obama, and his place of birth, and over Hillary’s emails. Where was the compassion then Mr. Hypocrite?
    Also, its very typically of you to start a rant over taxes, military spending cuts, socialism and health care. These seem to be favorite issues that you republicans like to lie the most about. Your “go to lies”, if you will! What I hate the most about these lies is how y’all hide behind “Christian Conservatism” when you tell ’em. I thought I knew what that term meant but I’ll be dogged if I do now. Does it mean helping people who are hungry? Handicapped? Sick but don’t have health care? Homeless? Or help the many unfortunate children living in poverty? Maybe, it’s help those get an education who want one? Or, help those who can’t find a job or have lost their job or have been laid off? No. It’s none of these admirable things. How about, does it mean making sure the wealthy, and big corporations, get great tax breaks? Farmers, oil companies, energy companies not only pay no taxes but get a big wad of money in the form of subsidies? Yes. There lies the pitiful, awful and shameless truth.
    So Anson, when the Good Lord Descends on you conservative “Christians”, to separate the Sheep from the Goats, on Judgement Day, which side of the fence will you end up on?


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