What’s Going On With Oliver Stone? Heck, What’s Going On With America?

“The Russian people have never been better off.”

—Oliver Stone, in The Guardian, June 12, 2017

No matter what you think of some of his kooky views, or any of his movies that sprang from those views, the following 7-minute interview of Oliver Stone demonstrates that there is something weird going on in his head. But more than that, given what we have seen with Tr-mp and his strange affection for Vladimir Putin, and given how many conservatives and leftists are willing to openly embrace the Russian thug, this short interview demonstrates that a) there is something weird going on in the United States and b) we should be grateful that there are still Stephen Colberts around to point it out. Watch:



  1. Anonymous

     /  June 13, 2017

    There is indeed madness that is causing rifts with family members, spouses, co-workers, and sometimes friends that refuse to see the obvious and maintain support for a maniac. Noted in the article below is discussion of a book by over two dozen psychiatists and psychologists that attest to their finding that Trump is a dangerously mad man.



    • I like the idea, recently advanced by some head docs, that in-person diagnosis of someone with an alleged psychological disorder is often the worst way of completing such a diagnosis. That is something I had never heard.


  2. Oliver Stone’s opinion filter seems to have a setting similar to Donald Tr;mp’s, i.e., an admiration for authoritarian leaders that minimizes human-rights abuse. The murders, arrests and “accidents” that befall Putin’s political adversaries are statistically conclusive as to their source, and yet Putin is popular. It’s no surprise to me that, like Tr;mp, Putin makes himself available to sycophants and apologists. Oliver Stone fits the mold and is making a good living doing so. The interviews are nonetheless useful as political science and political pathology.


    • I don’t know Stone’s work well enough to know if there is any consistency, in terms of admiring authoritarian leaders, in his views. I do know that I have never seen, nor will ever see, his movie about JFK. I don’t respect anyone who poisons the minds of millions of people with science-debunked and investigation-debunked conspiracy theories, not to mention who can’t see how a thug like Putin played him.

      As far as the interview, I thought Colbert was amazingly polite in his obvious criticism of Stone’s goofy defense of Putin, which wasn’t as prominent during that interview as it was in others. Perhaps he sensed what Colbert would do to him. Plus, the audience laughing at his views obviously bothered him. I think we should do more laughing at such nonsense.



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