News You Probably Haven’t Heard Yet.

Anyone reading this blog doesn’t need a detailed recap of the news lately. More apologies for Russia; yet another unreported meeting with a stadium full of Russians accompanied by an still-evolving set of lies about the meeting; Tr-mp publicly dope-slapping Jeff Sessions for recusing himself from the Russian thing; rumors are rampant that Tr-mp is considering firing Special Counsel Robert Mueller because Mueller is getting in his bidness; we know Tr-mp is thinking about pardoning everyone around him including himself, which I suppose we should call “masturpardonation”; an unpolished liar for Tr-mp named Spicer is gone and a slicker liar for Tr-mp named Scaramucci is on the scene—Scaramucci is a much better kisser; Tr-mp commissions a new Navy ship and essentially orders the sailors and naval officers to do his political bidding for him.

Just another bizarre week in a declining America.

And if you think all of that stuff is bad, here’s the latest:

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Democrats are furious over what they are saying is the latest outrage involving Donald Tr-mp. Nancy Pelosi and Charles Schumer are both demanding Republicans in Congress take quick action after Tr-mp fired Robert Moeller, had him arrested, ordered him to be pilloried on a site near the Lincoln Memorial early Sunday morning, then hours later allegedly had him decapitated with a dull steak knife from Mar-A-Lago. CNN cameras on the scene seem to have captured a golf-suited Tr-mp tee up Mr. Moeller’s bloody head and drive it an estimated 250 yards into the Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool. Tr-mp then held what the administration said was a record-setting rally at the same site Sunday afternoon with derisive chants of “Fore! Fore! Fore!” echoing throughout the National Mall.

Witnesses initially arriving at the grisly scene earlier in the day say they overheard Tr-mp tell Vice President Mike Pence, “Off with his head!” just before Moeller was taken out of the stocks and placed on a large cutting board that, according to two White House sources, was supplied by one of Tr-mp’s hotel kitchens. Those same sources told the Associated Press that Tr-mp gave Pence a gold-plated steak knife believed to have come from Mar-A-Lago and that Mike Pence immediately agreed to the beheading, allegedly saying it was “an honor to serve the broad-shouldered” Tr-mp. 

Attorney General Jeff Sessions has recused himself and the entire Justice Department from the matter, saying, “We all serve at the pleasure of the president.” Speaker Paul Ryan was asked for a comment and he attributed the “mishap” to Tr-mp’s relative inexperience as a Washington politician. “If true, it’s just another rookie mistake,” he told a gathering of reporters at the Capitol. “You guys just don’t get it. This guy is new to all this. And he doesn’t play by Washington rules.” When asked if the incident would slow down legislative business in the House, Ryan said, “The American people sent us here to do a job on them and that’s what we’re focused on.”

Meanwhile, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said he would not comment on the apparent murder and subsequent events, saying only that he and his Senate colleagues are continuing to work hard on “passing a healthcare bill that can get signed into law” and then “moving on to other parts of our aggressive agenda.” When asked if he thought the administration’s alleged beheading of Moeller might constitute obstruction of justice, if not murder, McConnell replied he had “no comment on pending investigations.” 

There was one critical voice coming from Capitol Hill. Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) said that if Tr-mp was involved in the firing, pilloring, and beheading of Special Counsel Moeller that his actions would be “inappropriate.”

Meanwhile, reporters from all the over the area flocked to Washington in order to interview Tr-mp supporters before they could leave the rally and return home to their economically-challenged rural communities. Many Tr-mp supporters openly doubted the reports of the beheading, one older man, wearing a Rush Limbaugh tee shirt, calling it, “another phony story planted by the drive-by media.” Still another rally attendee said he doubted the media reports because “everybody knows you can’t hit a human head 250 yards with a normal driver.” Then, after hesitating, said, “But if anyone could, Tr-mp could.”

Another woman attending the rally told a Washington Post reporter that the whole thing was a “Chinese hoax.” A man who left the rally early to get to his job at a fast-food restaurant he said is secretly frequented by Tr-mp, told the New York Times, “You know, it may have been Tr-mp. But it really could have been anybody. It could have been a 400-pound man who got tired of hearing all of the fake Russia-Tr-mp news coverage and just couldn’t take it anymore,” the man said, adding, “Whoever it was, though, it probably wasn’t Putin.”

White House spokesmen have issued no on- or off-camera comment, but Tr-mp tweeted just after his rally: So many people were asking why didn’t the Special Council [sic] look into the Hillary Clinton and Comey crimes? Well, maybe he WAS and THEY had him killed! Sad!”




  1. Wow. How did I miss this? Thanks, Duane. Poor Moeller. We’re really screwed now.


    • I am sorry you missed this story. It sort of got drowned out by all the stupid 2018 stories about how “Democrats can’t just be against Tr-mp.” Or maybe it was all the interminable cable segments featuring every Tr-mp voter in America and what he or she thinks about Tr-mp now (which is, in case you missed this too, that Tr-mp is doing just fine!). Or maybe you missed it because of all the chatter about Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ new make-up artist. You know, important stuff like that.

      Poor Moeller, indeed.



  2. Reality hasn’t exceeded hyperbole yet, but man, it’s getting close. 😱


    • To be fair, I did include “yet” in the title of the post. Nothing, absolutely nothing, would surprise at this point.


      • King Beauregard

         /  July 25, 2017

        Honestly, the point at which I decided this was satire was the use of the dull knife. As for the rest, I could believe it.


        • Oh, crap! That was satire? I thought that it happened and that Trump had managed to suppress reporting of it. I’ll have to retract my Facebook messages of condolence to the Mueller family.

          Seriously, it seems to me that we’re only a short step away from such activities – maybe not homicide per se, but the political equivalent, if not the reputational equivalent.


  3. ansonburlingame

     /  July 24, 2017


    Surprised you missed the really latest “news”. Read Pelosi’s column in WaPost.

    Democrats assembled all the top 1%’s in America, on the mall. They ripped all their clothes of, left them shivering in the cold, impounded all their money and confiscated any and all property held by each and every one of them.

    Democrats then tried hard to redistribute all that wealth. But sadly, each and every Democrat leader was then subject to beheading because all the wealth did not go around to “everyone” and some folks, the deplorables, really got mad, at Dems this time around.

    It was a replay of substantial black criticism against Obama for “not doing enough” for them!

    Of course new Democrat leadership learned from mistakes and pledged to take the “next top 2%” to the mall for purposes of redistribution. Over the course of the next few decades the “top 50%” were eliminated, leaving the bottom 47% ready to redistribute the remaining 3%.

    American civilization finally stabalized with “everyone” equal in material well being. They all starved to death later.



    • Ah. Nice try, Anson. But I know this story can’t be true. Why? Because of this:

      They ripped all their clothes of, left them shivering in the cold, impounded all their money and confiscated any and all property held by each and every one of them.

      It was in the 90s in Washington this past weekend. Nobody was shivering in the cold.

      But I do marvel at your continued inability to ignore (or counter with what you mistakenly think is equally wrong on the other side) the absurdity of Tr-mpism. It really amazes me how you don’t seem to be all that upset by, say, Tr-mp commissioning a Navy ship and using the moment to openly solicit political help from those, including many in uniform, attending. You would have blown the remainder of your gaskets if Obama had done anything remotely like that. Really amazing.


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      • I agree with your assessment, Duane. I have a very difficult time understanding how conservatives can see people helping people and “redistribution of wealth” as the same thing.

        It seems to be a holdover from the cold war and the propaganda we were all subjected to that communism is evil. No, communism is just another form of governance. What was evil about communism as practiced by Russia (the Soviet “Union”) and China was the totalitarian style governments and the violent take-over of the former governments, resulting in the death of millions of citizens. It would have been one thing if the deaths stopped after the take-over (as in the French revolution, the American revolution, and other similar revolutions), but they went on and on, as the totalitarians strove for uniform beliefs of the populace (and control).

        I had a seriously skewed discussion with an adult (I was 15 or 16) in my little home town in Oklahoma when I asserted that the Russian people, were we able to interact with them, were probably much like us, there in Oklahoma (in the late 50s, early 60s). You would have thought that I was preaching Satanic beliefs. The lady was apoplectic (she was the mother of a good friend of mine). I tell this story to validate my contention about propaganda. That was the beginning of my reputation as a maverick, one of the main reasons I left at 17 and never lived there again.

        People helping other people, providing health care, advocating governance by vote, allowing freedom of religion, providing education, allowing each person to make their own choices about birth control, pregnancy, and their own bodies, is not redistribution of wealth. It is democracy. I know some older males who publicly object to being paying for an insurance plan in which pre-natal care and childbirth are covered, their objection being that “they don’t need such care, so why should they pay for it?” Mainly because when you did need it, or when you could have needed it, someone else paid for it. Ever heard of paying it forward? We’re all here together, at least until we destroy our planet because we are so selfish and stupid.

        Rant completed….

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      • This particular blog seems to be the repository for under-reported news. If you’ve already seen this in the Faux News string, just ignore it.

        “Boy Scouts of America changing name to ‘Trump Youth’

        In a swift surrender from BSA “leadership” the keys to the Scouts have been turned over to Glorious President Donald Trump and his TRUE INFORMATION team. Trump’s ease at turning 45,000 impressionable young boys into hard core Obama haters at the recent BSA Jamboree sufficiently impressed the current collection of right leaning bigots (we loves us our bigots) who direct Scout activities to hitch their rapidly diminishing wagon to Trump’s agenda.

        While it is true that Scout membership will decline — only white, straight, fundamentalist Christian, Republican boys will be allowed membership — the purity factor will be astounding. God bless the USA. Six new merit badges have been announced: Grifting, Race Baiting, Pussy Grabbing, Serial Lying, Voter Suppression and Tax Avoidance. The study materials for these merit badges will be produced for a nominal fee by Trump University and the Trump Foundation will oversee all of the organization’s fund raising and disbursement.

        Current BSA adult staff was all in on the organization’s transformation, even offering their daughters as study targets for the Pussy Grabbing badge.

        The uniform will change little with all BSA patches being replaced by either a “T-Y” button or a red armband with a white circle, enclosing four tip-to-tip black T’s at right angles to each other. The new uniforms will be designed by Ivanka Trump and made in China or Indonesia.”

        I think there is a graphic showing the new uniforms, Duane, but I don’t know how to include that in this little report.

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  4. ansonburlingame

     /  July 26, 2017


    When you write, I read it, carefully and thoughtfully. I understand your demands for “helping people” as well. Here is where we differ it seems to me.

    In today’s (Wednesday, July 26) editorial the WaPost went after Trump again, with broadsides for his whimsical and irratic attempts to govern (I agree) and his lack of respect for the rule of law (which crosses party lines depending on the issue at hand for sure. Remember the term “sea lawyers” from your Navy days??).

    In that editorial the Post said, “…….individuals advance on the basis of their talent and initiative……”. I would add “work ethic” to that statement but suppose it can be understood as part of “initiative” as well. That is the kind of nation I support, a meritocracy BUT with equality before the law as well. I also keep a weather eye on de Toucville’s concerns that the incessant quest for equality might cause the downfall of American democracy.

    Like it or not, human nature will cause the distribution of things in a bell curve format. I cannot imagine living in a society where the bell curve is changed to one very tall “stove pipe” wherein all were “equal”. Ideologically that was what communism intended to do. Socialism (and our system of K12 public education) tries to cut off the bottom half of that same bell curve as well. What America has tried to do is instead shift the whole curve (but keep it’s bell shape) to the right to avoid utter degradation, death, etc. of the “bottom 10%”.

    When American government is at its best the well-being of the average (and thus of everyone else) moves to the right. But it does not try to artificially make the bottom 10% “average” either. It also does not try to eliminate the right side, the people that rise to the top. That ultimately is why “America” is the envy of the world. We still have a bell curve shape but the “average” is much farther to the right on some absolute scale than any other country in the history of the world so far.

    I am currently re-watching The Wire, the 2002 – 2008 HBO production about life in the streets in Baltimore. When anyone figures out a way to deal with such degradation I sure would like to hear about it. Adhering to the “rule of law” might help for sure. So start with the sleazy lawyers making every excuse in the world for real sleaze bags might be a good first step. But actually I have always felt that on a macroscopic level, dramatically improving public education is the best path. For 20 years I have been trying to do just that as well just in my small mid-western city. Sadly, little or no progress has been made, yet as far as I can see!!

    In fact, what has been achieved is a shift in that bell curve of K12 students to the LEFT, lowering the expectations and actual achievement of the “average”. As long as American society tolerates that sort of crap the more likely the conditions in The Wire becomes an acceptable average as well, no matter how much money we throw at the problems!



  5. Anonymous

     /  July 26, 2017


    Your educational credentials are sorely lacking the credibility to criticize public school teachers, much less the experts in the field. Reading the book, “The Bell Curve” nor being a part time substitute teacher, give you authority to question the abilities or methods used today. I would have thought the number of teachers attacking your blogs, regarding your educational bloviations therein, to the point that you shut it down, would have given you pause to reconsider.

    During the 70’s in your generation’s prime when the system began its decline, as you proffer, there were no efforts to encourage STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathmatics) as is occurring today. It was stardard school curriculum and your generation offered little encouragement toward alternatives. Each generation since the seventies is certainly more informed, aware, and operating technology in which you would be a lost novice.

    My three children, born in the 80’s, are products of the public school and collegiate system you decry and all three are far wiser, better compensensated, and more compassionate human beings than I was at their age. They would politely listen to your ramblings, but properly & quietly dismiss your comments as nonsense. I do not fear for our country’s future under their leadership, I fear those in your generation, like yourself and Trump, that know a little about everything, and think themselves experts. It is said that a little education is a dangerous thing, if true, that would make you and Trump positively lethal.

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  6. Anonymous

     /  July 26, 2017

    AB, to expand a little on Mr Gaden’s statement, the repeated line that Democrats oppose anyone making or having wealth is an easy line to feed the Right Wing base. Wealthy Democrats are simply trying to keep in place the stepping stones that help the poor break the cycle of poverty. We have a had a few examples of that recently in Missouri. Governor Push Ups has recently cut funding for Crowder College and MSSU. They have cut the free ACT test also, the first step needed to gain scholarships or financial aid. $42.00 is a lot of money for some people and it is students who are attempting to get into college. It is not some welfare program being abused by the street bums. These are just 2 examples of cutting the legs out of kids that have ambition, but maybe little money. I could also make a list of what is keeping these families in the cycle of poverty, such as cutting SNAP funds as well as limiting unemployment during recessions. (I have no problems for proof by people to prove they are working or looking for work) A politician that wants to keep these programs is not saying in any way that people cannot have wealth, quite the opposite if you ask me. They are stepping stones to a better life. A good example of one getting help is Paul Ryan. He received SS at 16 due to his Father’s death ( rightfully so) and then went on to a public college, no doubt receiving grants and scholarships. How does he return the favor? By wanting to cut SS and privatize it. As far as I know, he has not offered to return these funds for the next person in such a predicament. So who is the bigger a-hole here? The Dem wanting such programs or the Repub that used them, but now does not want others to get the same help he had?

    Ironically, the Globe recently reported that there is a nursing shortage. The nursing program at Crowder can be started at the High School level and is a valuable program for any student to gain an inexpensive education that will result in a good paying career. Nice job Missouri.

    Kevin Beck


  7. ansonburlingame

     /  July 27, 2017

    To all,

    First an attempt at a little humor. Go to It is a video of a “Cat watching a Horror Movie”. Listen carefully to the sound in the background as it starts with a scary audio and builds to a to a loud scream when the cat jumps out of the picture.

    Actually it is me watching the current “movie” in Washington, DC!

    As I continue to participate in this blog site, I remain conservative in my politics but see that approach to government being crucified by the likes of Trump. As well the GOP (which I continue to reject as well) can’t even begin to offer the right alternatives in the face of adversaries, like all the folks herein.

    My challenge to you and all Democrats is to find a way to govern by “living within the means available”. No society can be sustained if it continues to demand more than the underlying society can produce. As well every society will reflect a bell curve of distribution of just about everything as well. Some will “earn” a lot, a proportionally small number (on the other end) will not receive “enough”. The average will exist with whatever the average will produce. In America that average has exceeded any and all expectations, thus far, in human history. South Sudan is abysmal, to say the least.

    My experience in life reflects the observation that any “group” will reflect that same bell curve of production, the ability to do extremely well all the way down to very poor production. For example, if I started a law firm and hired the top 50 graduates from Yale law school (forget how I could pay them) there would still be a bell curve of performance by all those 50 lawyers. Some would exceed my wildest expectations and others would be abject failures at least on some absolute, relative scale of performance. As well those top performers and the lowest performers (in the “real world”) would not necessarily be the same ones that got the best grades in law school. The worst junior officer I ever observed was very near the top of his class for USNA, for example. In college he could do all the mechanics of high performance in college but was simply unable to deal with the challenges of standing a “good watch”, etc.

    John McCain graduated near the bottom of his class and was the pilot in command of 7 naval aircraft (including the one he was flying when he was shot down) that were destroyed in “crashes”. Early in his career he was a wild-eyed, heavy drinking cowboy in the air. That assessment comes from his own classmates that attended flight school and his early years in Naval aviation. But then the “real John McCain” demonstrated the best of the best during captivity and went on, justifiably to become a candidate for President and now an advocate for basic conservatism that I generally support, much to your disdain, herein. What he recently said on the Senate floor is a high water mark of conservatism, good conservatism, today.

    If you reject my assessment of the bell curve of performance as basic human capacity for achievement, then forget trying to argue with me. But if you accept that as “human nature” on a large scale of groups of humans then we have something to discuss. But as well you must recognize that with groups of humans it takes long term and extraordinary hard work to shift that curve to the right. Public education is an example of throwing money (alone) at such a problem and seeing the result of the curve moving left. Detroit, KC, etc. are other examples as well, localities trying to move the curve to the right with Democratic politics as well.

    Finally, I will support most of your goals as progressives but only when you demonstrate that we can achieve them while still living within our means as a society. There is no politcian today that can lead all Americans to do exactly that. You as Democrats will just fall back on trying to make the top 10% “average” in order to eliminate the bottom 10%. Russia and China (during most of the 20th Century) demonstrate the results of such efforts, politically, on a mass scale and Europe (Greece anyone) today reflect the results of attempting to do so without the brutality of Stalin and Mao, etc.



    • Anson,

      I don’t have time to address your bell curve claims regarding human achievement. That would require getting into legacy issues and how best to remedy those issues, as well as a discussion about genetics and environment, etc. 

      But I’ll address your “challenge” to Democrats, to wit, “to find a way to govern by ‘living within the means available,’ is, well, impossible to meet without defining what “the means available” is. We have the means to live most anyway we want to, like the rest of the civilized world does with things like universal healthcare. The question is distribution of the means. And that’s where the problem is. The side you most identify with is hell-bent to starve the country of revenue and cut, cut, cut. My side wants a fairer distribution of our enormous wealth. Until that problem is solved, “living within the means available” is a moving, often invisible, target that Democrats cannot hit. (And that’s not to concede that the country can’t run deficits; it can.)



  8. ansonburlingame

     /  July 28, 2017

    To all again,

    I await Duane’s views on McCain’s vote last night and the impact on HC legislation attempts by the GOP. I join all of you glad that effort is now history, for a while at least.

    I hope, but am very doubtful as well, that we can now go to “regular order” and get something passed that is actually bipartisan in nature. I would hope for “something” that is actually sustainable (affordable) for the foreseeable future. That would mean that as costs go up the federal government would automatically raise the taxes on ALL Americas to keep paying for the damned thing.

    The we can pass a balance budget demand, thus forcing politicians and the American people to make the choices needed to prioritize all our needs and demands!!

    Of course no one herein would agree with me because “we need it no matter what it costs”!!



    • Of course no one herein would agree with me because “we need it no matter what it costs”!!

      I think for a while that I’ll call out straw-man arguments when I see them. This is one. You should not presume to speak for me. I do care what healthcare costs and I’m sure the others do as well, Anson. As we have said many times, single-payer would cut the costs about in half. As for McCain, it’s pretty obvious that he knows BS when he hears it and did what’s best for the country instead of party.

      Not everybody is cheering at this result of course. I join you in hoping for some bipartisan work to make the ACA better, but what I fully expect is that the GOP, led by Trump, will persevere to make it fail, working America be damned.


    • Anson,

      I’m way behind in the comments section, so I’ll have to be brief.

      About McCain’s vote on HC, I think it was a bit of grandstanding. The way things were, he could have stayed in Arizona for his treatment and we would have seen the same result. The damned thing would have failed, as it should have.

      I, however, would never call him a “coward” in any context, as I heard your friend Caldwell did in, I think, the Sunday Globe. A proud moment for the paper and its editor.

      I will soon publish a simple strategy I think the Dems should employ in terms of the next two elections and healthcare. You won’t like it, but I think if you did there would be something wrong with it (insert emoji here).


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  9. Anonymous

     /  July 30, 2017


    The federal deficit was $680 billion dollars when you were born, and has increased each year of your entire life, with you, nor “conservative values” able to balance the damn thing. Although both parties have held balanced power, the deficit has increased for different reasons, and will assuredly continue. History determines the “conservative values” of balanced budgets are obviously a pipe dream. To suggest Democrats are responsible for the deficit is ludicrous as history proves.

    Healthcare for all is no more socialistic than Social Security for all in your generation. You infer that progressives are somehow to blame for these problems. Nobody’s “conservative values” have stopped Hospitals, Doctors, Pharmaceutical firms, and countless others from fraud, gaming the system to overbill, and healthcare cost are out of control. Thyroid uptake test at Freeman…$6500, CAT scan…$2500. Eli-pens increase 500%, PharmaBro Shkreli raises lifesaving drug 5000%. Who in the hell do you expect to control that? Free enterprise or the government?

    Your “conservative values” allies in Congress spent eight years bitching, but have totally failed to offer any reasonable plan. Even now with a majority, nothing but a promise to let the existing healthcare fail, and cost the lives of many Americans. Is that “conservative values”? Your party’s leader has stated that as his course, compromise be damned.

    Republicans agreed to the Democratic sponsored Social Security Act. Republicans agreed to the Democratic sponsored Civil Rights Act. But selfishly, these same Republicans that benefitted from these acts can’t seem to agree that any child born to parents without resources are entitled to basic healthcare. These “conservative values” are repugnant and hypocritical. The fact that other countries successfully offer healthcare for all, but the USA cannot, is pitiful

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  10. ansonburlingame

     /  July 30, 2017

    I usually refrain from replies to “Anonyomous” comments. But what you wrote is a reasonable rebuttal. So here goes.

    Go back to the beginning of American government. We were a poor country but lived within our means by and large, year to year. The big increases in the national debt happened only during wartime by and large and we paid down on those huge debts over time as well, until the next war came along. That generally was the American financial “way” if you will until the 20th Century.

    WWI and Federal Income Tax happened in the same time frame and we also paid down on the WWI debt considerably until WWII. Then, primarily thru income tax we began to pay down the WWII debt after the war, particularly during Ike’s years (and began interstate hwy construction as well). We did so by keeping income tax rates very high.

    But anyone, even Dems, know that extraordinarily high tax rates kill economic growth as well or really limit it. That is why JFK cut taxes back from WWII rates down to about 50% or so at the high end. Yes, Reagan did it also, about a 30% reduction again in tax rates (and achieved around 10% growth as well). So cutting taxes to stimulate growth works, we have seen it before, etc.

    But what happened after (actually during) Kennedy? How many times have we gone to war but not raised taxes considerably to pay for such war or at least reduce the debt significantly after the war? The answer is almost never since the 1960’s and you bet, both Dem and GOP are to blame.

    Since the 60’s we have had many other “wars” against poverty, discrimination, drugs, you name it. The federal government always throws a ton of money at those “wars” as well. But raise taxes as well, not a chance, both Dem and GOP. That is the financial history of America post 1960 and here we are $20 Trillion later and growing still with only the Clinton (pushed by Gingrich) budget years being a short reprieve.

    The reason deficits keep going, usually more and more each year, particularly during Dem years, is automatic increases in programs without automatic increases in taxation built into the system. Americans in general will call for more and more in “things” from government but will go nuts if taxes are raised, for anything. Just imagine in the Vietnam War had huge taxes been imposed with it in 1965. Johnson would never have committed 500,000 troops if that were the case. Hell, how much did taxes go up as a result of the Great Society legislation which causes benefits (but not taxes) to continue to go up, up, and up.

    I no longer try to oppose HC for all, so to speak with most if not all of the all from the federal government. Want Medicare for all, go ahead, but I demand that taxes be raised as needed, each year to pay as we go, not borrow more and more. That is not because I am hard hearted, it is because I KNOW that huge deficits cannot keep going up and up “forever”.

    The problem now with HC is as Bernie so honestly stated, “no one knows the cost” and believe you me we will NEVER know the real cost from year to year. All we will know is if it cost a dollar this year it will be 1.25 or so dollars next year.

    Jim of course will say a loud NO as government monopoly on paying for HC will force prices down, down, down. Oh yeah. We used to fly combat aircraft that cost a few thousand per plane, or so. Now those suckers cost $250 MILLION EACH today. “State of the art” demands such costs and no government in a democracy will allow anything other than state of the art HC, until there is no more money to pay for it.

    So go ahead, now, all you Dems. Put in place single payers HC and I will vote for it IF, IF, IF you tax all of us accordingly to pay for it, each and every year until the American people demand lower taxes. Then cut back taxes and HC as well, along with defense, food stamps, you name it.

    When you do that (it is going to happen I believe, now because GOP has no idea how to refute “popular opinion”) and you raise taxes as needed to actually pay for it (which you won’t do for sure) then watch economic growth. 2% will look really good in that god awful future but everyone gets to see the doctor if you can find one willing to live on $100,000 per year and still get his ass sued if he blinks wrong!!

    Keep in mind as well. Medicare pays out (at Medicare rates, not hospital and doctor charges) some $600 Billion per year with revenues (copays, premiums for old people, payroll deductions for younger folks, and only pays 80% of all acceptable charges as well) at about $300 Billion per year. How much can the revenues increase to make Medicare pay as we go? Should the payroll deduction go up to 10% or so, or premiums for old folks go from $100 per month to say $500 per month, etc.? How about we take defense down from $600 B to $300 B in one fell swope. I’m sure some in here would applaud that approach just to save Medicare. But then what will you cut once the $2 Trillion of so annual Medicare for all hits the books? (that is my low estimate of Medicare for all costs by the way).

    When will Americans accept higher taxes to rebuild the SS and Medicare “trust” funds? Maybe a year before they go broke?? Of course once those funds vanish into thin air, well what next?

    We can’t keep doing what we are doing in regards to federal spending OR global greenhouse gases. But what you are saying above is like Global Warming deniers or at least it sure sounds like that to me. “What, me worry” about federal deficit spending or green house gases???



  11. Anonymous

     /  July 30, 2017


    No one is advocating fiscal irresponsibility. Many in your party also voted for Social Security, the Civil Right Act, and welfare for those below the poverty level, and many Democrats voted for war, which increased the debt. For you to suggest Republicans would support a tax hike is ludicrous. Negotiations will soon begin in your party to lessen taxes, primarily upon the wealthiest citizens.

    Your party seeks to privatize Social Security and throw the citizens to wolves in the market, seeks to disband the Consumer Protection Bureau, Planned Parenthood, allow Wall Street to run rampant over regulations, and give the banks free rein to institute another financial catastrophe. Republicans think they are overtaxed now, even though US percentages per capita, remain lower than many civilized nations.

    Most progressive have little problem with paying additional tax, particularly when the rich pay their fair share. Many, like Trump utilize bankruptcies and losses to pay little to zero taxes. McCain voted against the “skinny repeal” and was attacked in the local paper by your conservative friend Geoff. Caldwell referred to McCain as a “political coward” although it is Geoff whom is the coward that scurries from taxes and service. Dare you publicly speak for a war hero, or do you agree with a pompous ass?


  12. Ben Field

     /  July 30, 2017


    No one is advocating fiscal irresponsibility. Many in your party also voted for Social Security, the Civil Right Act, and welfare for those below the poverty level, and many Democrats voted for war, which increased the debt. For you to suggest Republicans would support a tax hike is ludicrous. Negotiations will soon begin in your party to lessen taxes, primarily upon the wealthiest citizens.

    Your party seeks to privatize Social Security and throw the citizens to wolves in the market, seeks to disband the Consumer Protection Bureau, Planned Parenthood, allow Wall Street to run rampant over regulations, and give the banks free rein to institute another financial catastrophe. Republicans think they are overtaxed now, even though US percentages per capita, remain lower than many civilized nations.

    Most progressive have little problem with paying additional tax, particularly when the rich pay their fair share. Many, like Trump utilize bankruptcies and losses to pay little to zero taxes. McCain voted against the “skinny repeal” and was attacked in the local paper by your conservative friend Geoff. Caldwell referred to McCain as a “political coward” although it is Geoff whom is the coward that scurries from taxes and service. Dare you publicly speak for a war hero, or do you agree with a pompous ass?


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