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An unmanly man from Idaho bragged about killing, among other “big game” creatures, “a whole family of baboons.” If you can stomach it, and even if you can’t, here’s the photo:

Idaho Fish and Game Commissioner Blake Fischer poses with "a whole family of baboons" that he said he killed in Africa.

The creature in this picture who is posing as a human being has a name: Blake Fischer, a bleeping Fish and Game Commissioner appointed by the Republican governor. The reason I’m posting this grisly picture is because, in the age of Tr-mp, we have to come to terms, again and again, with the equally grisly fact that there are a lot of ugly, ugly Americans out there.

Think about what it takes to do what Fischer did on his guided hunting trip in Africa, with respect to these baboons. He had to want to kill them for the sake of killing them—the entire family. And then, if that weren’t bad enough, he couldn’t keep his act of shameful slaughter to himself. He had to share it with his “friends and colleagues” via an unsolicited email. What goes through the mind of such a person?

Baboons, with whom we share more than 90% of our DNA, were considered somewhat sacred by the ancient Egyptians, sometimes depicting them in their art as dancers and musicians. As Ancient Origins points out, the baboons were mostly kept in temples and cared for by the priests. But some wealthy Egyptians kept them as pets, and there is evidence in 5000-year-old cemeteries that the baboons were repeatedly beaten into submission. In our time, Blake Fischer assigned them the dishonor of being his props in a killing photo he couldn’t wait to share.

In so many important ways we have improved as a species since the time of the ancient Egyptians. But then there is Blake Fischer.

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  1. Ugly is the new normal, it seems. Shameful is the new shameless. Joe Biden wants to give W a medal for his work with veterans. How many vets lost their lives and limbs due to Bush’s nutball/illegal war on Iraq? Tough guy Joe helped to deliver us into the hands of Clarence Thomas. He wants a boxing match with Trump. His musings on SCOTUS vacancies in the last year of a POTUS term gave cover for Mitch McConnell’s bullshit treatment of Merrick Garland. Joe is the front runner for the 2020 Democratic Party’s POTUS standard bearer.
    Shit. Shitshitshitshit. That’s pretty ugly.


    • I sort of feel your pain but I don’t think Joe Biden is the frontrunner for the nomination. He’s just a name everyone recognizes. The energy in the party isn’t on his side, even though there are a lot of folks who don’t like Tr-mp but are afraid of the left and thus would prefer someone like Joe. The truth is that we just don’t know yet who will emerge as the favorite or favorites. But Joe ain’t it.


  2. Anonymous

     /  October 15, 2018


    Maybe this Fischer dog was just putting his resume in to work for the Saudi secret services. Had he cut the cut the baboons into tiny pieces to remove them from the premises without detection, he might have gotten an interview with the King. Worst case, he can “strongly deny” any involvement to our president, and be totally pardoned for this action.

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  3. Psychopathy is traditionally a personality disorder characterized by persistent antisocial behavior, impaired empathy and remorse, and bold, disinhibited, and egotistical traits. It is sometimes considered synonymous with sociopathy. — Wikipedia

    I’m aware of two psychopaths for sure. Fischer is one for sure. The other is in the White House.

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    • Amen, Jim.


      • Let’s here it for the Governor of Idaho — who got this disgusting nitwit to submit his resignation.

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        • Yes. But this part still bothers me (from the Times):

          Unlike in the United States, where wildlife is considered a public resource, private landowners in Africa more or less have ownership of the wild animals on their property, said John McDonald, past president of The Wildlife Society, an international organization committed to addressing issues that affect wildlife.

          That means that landowners can bring in hunters to shoot animals in season, set quotas and fees and supplement the wildlife population on their land by breeding animals and releasing them, he said.

          “You would pay the landowner or professional hunter a concession to access the property and then for every animal that you choose to take, you would pay a price for that animal,” Mr. McDonald said.

          There is something seriously wrong with that.

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  4. I think the African landowner set up is the business model Trumper businessmen have in mind for their workforces: non-compliant women — discard and destroy; union organizers — discard and destroy; older employees — discard and destroy. If they could collect a bounty for each they’d be in hog heaven. in fact — wouldn’t it be great if we could ship all those businessmen and their congressional enablers to evangelical heaven right now. Pretty sure it’s full of hogs — probably on a spit, slow roasting.

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  5. Bayard Pidgeon

     /  October 20, 2018

    No need for travel to Africa…well, except for the baboons and giraffes (yes, he did that, too); there are similar “ranches” right here at home. Deer, elk, bears, cougars, lots of birds (remember Cheney and Scalia “hunting”?)…I think even bison.
    And, for those who want real sport, there’s our imperialist armed forces, where we get to hunt real live humans.


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