“Whoops!” Said The Priest

You know it was a bad day in Christendom when a paper reported this:

A PRIEST has denied knowing how gay porn images appeared on a screen during a presentation he was giving to parents of children preparing for First Communion.

That’s a big-time Rick Perry “whoops!”

The story continues:

One of those present said the pictures appeared on the screen after the priest put a USB memory stick into the computer at St Mary’s School…

Now, just because Catholic priests these days are pretty good at inserting their memory sticks into unauthorized outlets, that doesn’t mean this particular priest was guilty of a crime. In fact, this priest insisted that the porn-images could be “legitimately explained.”

And, look, I believe him. He may have confused this presentation with the one he would give later in the day: “Why Homosexual Behavior Is a Sin,” or something like that.

(My thanks to “Beneath the Tin Foil Hat” for this one.)

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