Obama The Whitey Hater

The right-wing will not rest until President Obama is seen as an angry black man who hates white people.

Thinking they have a smoking gun—footage of a young Harvard Law Review president, Mr. Obama, defending Derrick Bell, the first tenured black law professor at Harvard—they apparently didn’t know that the gun has been smoking for almost four years, since PBS’s Frontline broadcast it in 2008 and has made it available online since then.

But folks like Sean Hannity really think they’ve got whitey-hating Obama this time. Except they don’t, as the following interview done by Soledad O’Brien on CNN makes clear:

Here is part of the 1990 video that has the right-wing so jacked up:

And here is a segment from the Frontline story:

Vodpod videos no longer available.
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