Gays, God, And The GOP

There is a war coming among Tea Party folks.

Those of us on the outside of the Tea Party movement have marveled at the way religious crusaders like the Family Research Council’s Tony Perkins and Stone Age conservatives like Jim DeMint have managed to not only get their noses under the Tea Party tent, but actually have become the ringmasters, directing the show.

But DeMint’s comments last week about gay teachers and single women illuminate the trouble that is brewing within the movement.  Here is a statement released on Tuesday from GOProud, a counter-intuitive organization of gay and lesbian and transgendered conservatives:

On Friday, United States Senator Jim DeMint (R-SC) told a crowd in South Carolina that he supports barring openly gay teachers, as well as sexually active unmarried female teachers, from the school system. “Jim DeMint’s comments can only be described as outrageous and bizarre. The idea that someone who says they believe in limited government would support the government weeding out gay teachers and unmarried sexually active female teachers simply defies logic,” said Christopher R. Barron, Chairman of the GOProud Board. “Jim DeMint is doing his best to make Alvin Greene look sane.”

Mr. Barron, a Tea Party true believer, told Lawrence O’Donnell this:

The energy in the conservative movement is around the Tea Party, which is about limiting the size and scope of government—I mean Jim DeMint calls himself a limited government conservative, yet his idea of a limited government is one large enough to be policing the sex lives of our public school teachers. I mean, the idea is completely and totally insane and it completely flies in the face of what the Tea Party movement stands for…this movement is not about gay marriage, it isn’t about gay teachers or sexually active, unmarried women teachers or any of these social issues.

Want to bet?  Mr. Barron may just now be getting his head out of his fiscally conservative ass, but the truth about the Tea Party movement has been apparent for months now.  The movement has not only been financed by big-money Republicans, it has been hijacked by white Christian conservatives, who see the movement as a way to bring America back to its “Christian roots.” 

And DeMint’s comments only serve to reveal the enormous crack between those who erroneously think they are fighting to restore constitutional government and those who naively think they are fighting to restore American Christendom.

Gay Americans like Christopher Barron desperately want the Republican Party to be an inclusive and happy family of fiscally conservative, Hayek-toting libertarians.  Nope. The party is quickly becoming the property of fiscally conservative, Bible-toting zealots.

And the Bible says that the way Christopher Barron and his gay friends “choose” to have sex is an abomination to the Lord.

Just ask Jim DeMint.

Here is Christopher Barron’s appearance on The Last Word last night:

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