Next Time Try Free Wings And Beer

I will be the first to admit that getting 600 people to come to your event is pretty impressive.  I mean, if at your last birthday party you had 600 celebrants, I would say you were pretty damn popular—or you were giving away free wings and beer.

But it seems to me that if the teabagging phenomenon is more than just worried white folks blowing off a little cultural steam, then the National Tea Party Convention in Nashville would have attracted more costume-laden fans than a mere 600. 

Heck, I like dressing up in 18th-century drapery as much as the next guy, but if I were courageous enough to parade around in public in such attire I would want more support than that.  In fact, our own Joplin Tea Party last April drew more folks, of course that was because most of them gathered to see Thomas Jefferson’s fantastic impersonation of local Republican activist, John Putnam.

←Pretty good, isn’t it?

In any case, I think it’s may be a good sign that more people didn’t show up or weren’t invited.  It may mean the organizers suspected that a substantial number of sincere teapartiers would refuse to be exploited and would refuse to pay the steep fee to see Sarah Palin accept her $100,000 check.

Or it may mean that Obama’s strategy of trying to put as many teabaggers out of work as possible—through his Socialist economic policies—is working, thus the culture warriors couldn’t afford to pay the steep fees associated with teabagging on the national level.

I’m fairly sure it’s the former, but I’m hoping it’s the latter. 

Because I’d like to think Obama could do something to help the country.

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