Tuesday The Thirteenth

Todd Akin, like one of those Jasonesque characters in a sequel-begetting fright flick, just won’t go away.

A sometimes Democrat-friendly polling firm, Public Policy Polling, finds that Akin is only down 48-44 to Claire McCaskill (women support Claire 55-38), even after Dr. Todd shared his pre-Neanderthalic understanding of rape and the female reproductive system with Missouri voters.

The survey found that although Akin’s favorability rating is at only 29%—that’s not a typo—his good standing among Republicans in this state has gone up from 74% to 79%. Apparently, a vast majority of Missouri Republicans have decided that Akin’s medieval pseudoscience, which claims that women’s bodies have special recognition devices that can detect sperm planted through “legitimate” violence, is the kind of science that GOP Jesus loves.

Surprisingly, among independents the race is, uh, tied, 46-46. What that means is that some of those who claimed they are independents are lying through their conservative teeth or don’t have the slightest idea what “independent’ means (not out of the question here in Missouri). Those who claimed they were not Republicans or Democrats amounted to 32% in this survey. And no one can convince me that 46% of true independents are voting for the pre-Neanderthal in this race. If that is so, Allah help us.

Also, it appears some extra dough is finding its way into the state in support of Dr. Todd.  The New York Times’ “The Caucus” reports that Akins “is receiving an influx of more than $2 million in the final days of his campaign.” The skinny:

Nearly a million of those dollars on television ad buys are coming from Mr. Akin’s campaign, while the rest is from outside groups, and there is speculation that organizations that previously distanced themselves from the six-term Congressman could be behind some of the new spending.

One of those organizations suspected of sending Akin money is the National Republican Senatorial Committee (chaired by Texas Senator John Cornyn, who is so conservative that he once almost compared homosexual marriage to a man marrying a box turtle—I kid you not), which had pulled the plug on Akin when it appeared he would not survive his lecture on evangelical gynecology. But now that he is, like Jason, alive and well, Cornyn may be funneling money to the state Republican party, which has never stopped its support of Dr. Todd.

But I want to pass on something that may help those of you who, like me, have feared that the pre-Neanderthal can pull off a win and not only embarrass Missouri, but help speed up the ongoing erosion of women’s rights.

On Sunday, I was helping to contact local potential McCaskill voters. Several times we ran across Republican women who were voting for Claire, despite the fact their husbands were not. One woman said to us:

Tell her I am a rock-ribbed Republican but I am supporting her.

I took that as good news that although the race will be mind-mindbogglingly close—considering what kind of candidate Akin is—there is a goodly number of Republican women out there who haven’t yet lost their minds.


The GOP South: Rush Is Good, Evolution Is Bad, And Obama Is A Muslim

A just-released poll by Public Policy Polling of Mississippi and Alabama Republicans revealed the following information, which I will present without commentary, because, after all, what can you say in response to such ignorance, but, huh?

“Impeach Obama!” So Say The Stupid

Public Policy Polling performed a public service and conducted a poll on stupidity.   Officially, about 20% of the voting population is stupid. 

The poll was cleverly disguised.  It involved asking voters whether Obama should be impeached for his actions as president thus far. A full 20% of the respondents said “yes” to that question.  So, I think it is reasonable to conclude that about 1 in 5 of our fellow citizen-voters is dead from the heart up.

We can also extrapolate from these polling numbers that there are more stupid Republicans than Democrats, since 35% of Republicans believe Obama should be impeached and “only” 10% of Democrats do.

The numbers also reveal that the older one gets, the stupider one gets, contrary to popular cultural notions; that people who live in the Midwest and South are just slightly dumber than elsewhere; that white people are almost 5 times more idiotic than blacks; that there are 6 times as many stupid conservatives as stupid liberals.

The one bright spot in the data is that men and women appear to be almost equally brain dead.

Finally, another category measured “near-stupidity,” in the form of asking whether voters presently preferred Obama or George W. Bush.  Respondents indicated that they preferred Obama to Bush, but only 50% to 44%, so, again, it is safe to conclude that 44% of the voting population is either stupid or knocking on the door, demanding to get in.

Thank you Public Policy Polling for your clever little poll.

“Yahoos,” “Idiots,” and “Republicans”

Joe Scarborough was at it again this morning, attempting to steer his party away from the rocks.

Responding to a poll conducted by Public Policy Polling in which an “unnamed conservative candidate” shellacs Olympia Snowe in a fictional Republican primary, 59% to 31%, Morning Joe said:

If that were to happen, then the Republican Party would be left with absolutely, positively no moderates in the United States Senate…

Joe, a conservative and a former congressman, went on to say:

The Republican Party will cease to exist as a national party, if it continues to just limit itself to the South, and electing people like me in primaries across America.  Because people like me win in Florida; we don’t win in Maine.

On Hardball with Chris Matthews, David Plouffe, who ran Barack Obama’s campaign last year, had this to say about the state of the Republican Party:


Scarborough affirmed Plouffe’s assertions this way:

Right now, we’ve got yahoos out there that want to be President of the United States, who are afraid to take on idiots in the Republican Party—idiots who say, “You have to be just like me.  If you don’t we’re going to have an inquisition, and we’re going to say that you aren’t conservative enough…

Joe sounds more like The Erstwhile Conservative every day.

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