Trump Jong-un

I prepared an entire post last night detailing some of the things Tr-mp has done since he assumed office—via executive orders that Republicans once condemned when the Kenyan issued them but suddenly find so constitutionally reassuring now that the Aryan’s name is attached. From his de facto tax on millions of “little guy” home buyers with FHA-backed mortgages—an order he signed before he took his first orange piss in the White’s House chamber pot by the way—to his attacks on Obamacare, his anti-abortion order signed while surrounded by fellow male Aryans, and other things that are just part of what will be a full-on assault on the New Deal and other programs that make for a more civilized country (which I will focus on as time goes by, as Republicans team with Tr-mp to realize their decades-old reactionary agenda).

I also was going to detail some other things happening, like a right-wing nut from Kansas, essentially owned by the Koch brothers, becoming the new CIA director, who may or may not revive those infamous “black sites” on orders from Tr-mp. Or the unsurprising story of how, throughout 2016,”Tr-mp Supporters Attacked, Harassed Or Plotted To Kill Muslims At Least 13 Times.” Or how the first bill Republicans in Congress will take up “is a sweeping anti-abortion bill that would make the procedure more expensive for women.” And on and on.

I scrapped that piece I wrote last night because of what happened this morning, when Tr-mp went off on Twitter announcing he “will be asking for a major investigation into VOTER FRAUD…” Now, to their credit, almost all journalists this side of Herr Hannity pointed out that this whole thing is a Big Lie. There is obviously zero evidence for any significant voter fraud, especially on the scale Tr-mp is claiming. In fact, as some Democrats on television this morning pointed out, this whole Big Lie may very well be used as cover for eroding even further the voting rights of millions of Americans, especially if they don’t happen to be white. I am inclined to think that will be the end result, if not at the federal level, at the state level even beyond what has already happened.

But the biggest reason I think this Big Lie about voter fraud championed by Tr-mp is important is not just because of what it may lead to in the future, but what it tells us about the present. And by that I mean what it tells us about the state of Tr-mp’s mind. As I have said before, the man is sick. He is really, truly, sick in his head. I don’t mean that as provocative hyperbole. I don’t mean it as a partisan statement. I didn’t like Mitt Romney or his policies, but I never thought he was mentally ill. When I speak of Tr-mp being sick, I mean it as an honest interpretation of what we all have seen since June of 2015. I don’t think I need to go deep into that sordid history.

Obviously, I’m not a psychiatrist or a psychologist, and even if I were I couldn’t ethically make an official diagnosis of his disorder from a distance. But here’s what I can do as a citizen who has been paying attention: judge him by his public actions and behavior. I’m entitled to do that. And my judgment is that he, as a human being, is to be pitied as a man with a damaged mind. I don’t know why he is so damaged, whether it be something in his background or something in his brain chemistry. And I don’t know exactly what to call what is wrong with him. But something is definitely messed up. Something serious. And it is dangerous because his damaged brain can now do so much damage to others. Thus, just because I pity him as a sick human being, I still have to do everything I can to unpresident him.

Before you judge me for judging Tr-mp, go look at a helpful Wikipedia page called “List of people claimed to be Jesus.” The list starts in the 18th century with the founder of the Shakers, Ann Lee. The list includes Sun Myung Moon, who founded the Unification Church in South Korea in 1954. Moon died in 2012. Jim Jones is on the list, the cult leader from Indiana who encouraged members of his “Peoples Temple” to kill themselves and murder their children in Jonestown, Guyana, in 1978. Of the 918 people who died at Jonestown, almost 300 of them were children murdered by their parents or others. David Koresh, leader of the Branch Davidian cult, is also on the list. He and dozens of his followers, and their children, were killed by a government raid in Waco, Texas, in 1993. All of the above people had some number of followers, people who believed in a messianic Big Lie.

The last name on Wikipedia’s list is Oscar Ramiro Ortega-Hernandez. He didn’t have any followers, as far as I know. Here is his entry:

In November 2011, he fired nine shots with an Romanian Cugir SA semi-automatic rifle at the White House in Washington D.C., believing himself to be Jesus Christ sent to kill U.S. President Barack Obama, whom he believed to be the antichrist.

Okay. At this point it is fair to ask why I bring up all these people in the context of Donald Tr-mp. After all, Tr-ump doesn’t claim to be Jesus or some kind of “prophet” of Jesus—although some prominent members of the Religious Right believe he was, indeed, sent by Image result for vote illegalGod to save America, and Reverend Franklin Graham, speaking at Tr-ump’s inauguration, said the rain that was falling was “a sign of God’s blessing.” 

Here’s why I bring up the sick people, some living and most long dead, on that Wikipedia list. It’s because almost all of us, if we were exposed to the words and deeds of those people, would, without having to consult a psychiatrist, judge them as sick. We wouldn’t pretend otherwise. We wouldn’t hesitate. We wouldn’t give them the benefit of any doubt. We could make such a judgment with our own common sense. And we certainly wouldn’t indulge or tolerate their fantasies and delusions if they held important jobs.

Well, Donald Tr-mp holds the world’s most important job. And among the countless other lies and conspiracies he has peddled over the years, he has told us more than once—as President of the United States now—the absolute lie that millions of votes were cast illegally in 2016’s presidential election. His press secretary told us on Monday the following, when asked about that delusion:

The President does believe that, I think he’s stated that before, and stated his concern of voter fraud and people voting illegally during the campaign and continues to maintain that belief based on studies and evidence people have brought to him.

Unable to cite any of those imaginary studies or offer any imaginary evidence, Spicer, after reporters kept pressing him, continued to maintain that Tr-mp “has believed that for a while based on studies and information he has” and hinted that the new administration might investigate what amounts to a delusion in Tr-mp’s mind. Today at another presser, Spicer suggested there might be something like a “task force” to look at election fraud that, again, is in the imagination of a disturbed man and some of his equally disturbed followers, like Alex Jones and others at Infowars, which is the “source” for many of Tr-mp’s delusions.

I just want to make this clear. We can all see that Tr-mp is peddling a Big Lie. There isn’t any debate at all about that. The question is why is he doing it? There are two possibilities: 1) He either knows it is a lie, in which case he is purposely trying to deceive millions and millions of Americans—and others around the world living in wobbly democracies themselves—as a way of protecting his already-damaged ego, or 2) He actually believes the Big Lie, in which case he is dangerously gullible and deluded. Which is worse? Either way he is, as I said, a disturbed man.

I like the way Dan Pfeiffer, a former senior advisor to President Obama, put it in a Tweet today:

Here’s where we are: Trump is deeply disturbed, his aides enable him, and the US government now makes policy to alleviate his insecurities

You can see how dangerous it is to have a man in charge of a lethal military, not to mention lethal nuclear weapons, to be so disturbed that policy makers and aides have to worry about alleviating his insecurities. But that’s the world in which we now live. We literally have to worry that Tr-mp doesn’t wake up one day and see something on CNN or kim-jong-unsome other cable news outlet that pisses him off—which outlets he reportedly watches day and night—to such a degree he does something that used to be unthinkable but no longer is.

Even without a medical degree, we who have watched Tr-mp closely for months and months can see he isn’t normal. He isn’t tethered to reality in important ways. His behavior, fairly or unfairly, has been compared to Hitler. He has received a lot of well-deserved criticism for praising Vladimir Putin and has been compared to him in style. But perhaps closer to the truth is that his authoritarian impulses and his emotional instability are more like North Korea’s Kim Jong-un, who, as reported, also has thin skin:

North Koreans have been warned of strict action if they make any satirical comments directed at their leader Kim Jong-un or his governance. In a bid to clamp down on criticism, the isolated nation told its citizens to not use sarcasm even in their everyday casual conversation for they “will not be forgiven”.

Authorities reportedly organised mass meetings across the country to issue warnings.

We are a long way from becoming a rich version of North Korea, obviously. But we are not a long way from having a leader whose skin is so thin he overreacts to the slightest criticism, whose ego is so fragile and vulnerable that his focus is on counter-punching and vengeance, whose mind is so disordered and detached from reality that he encourages wild conspiracies and “alternative facts,” whose press secretary has said in trying to defend him that “sometimes we can disagree with the facts.” We may be light years away from being North Korea, but we are only a stone’s throw from having a leader who would feel at home governing such a place.


Here’s What Really Should Be Pre-Election News

In a better world, that is, in a world where journalists weren’t obsessed with ultimately meaningless and self-serving polling results, the Sunday news shows before Tuesday’s elections would not have been all about the results of this or that poll, or the likelihood that Republicans are going to take over the Senate, or the idea that people have turned on President Obama. Nope. In a better world the Sunday shows would have featured a stunning—and depressing—investigative news report titled, “Jim Crow Returns: Millions of Minority Voters Threatened by Electoral Purge.” Here’s how that report, which was released last week, began:

Election officials in 27 states, most of them Republicans, have launched a program that threatens a massive purge of voters from the rolls. Millions, especially black, Hispanic and Asian-American voters, are at risk. Already, tens of thousands have been removed in at least one battleground state, and the numbers are expected to climb, according to a six-month-long, nationwide investigation by Al Jazeera America.

Now, that’s news. That’s the kind of stuff journalists ought to be doing and the kind of reports that ought to be the focus of endless hours of pre-election political chatter on TV, including Sunday shows like NBC’s Meet the Press, CBS’s Face the Nation, and ABC’s This Week with jim crow returns from al jazeeraWhoever’s Turn It Is, or CNN’s State of the Union. I mean, if Al Jazeera America’s report isn’t worthy of at least a segment on any of the pre-election Sunday news programs, then one has to wonder just what kind of democratic values do TV journalists respect or give a damn about?

Without going into too many details (you should read the report for yourself, written by Greg Palast after a six-month investigation), the person in the middle of this absolutely anti-democratic scandal is Kris Kobach, the ghastly but influential Republican from Kansas whose day job is supposed to be secretary of state. He apparently invented a system called the Interstate Crosscheck program, “which has generated a master list of nearly 7 million names,” supposedly representing “legions of fraudsters who are not only registered but have actually voted in two or more states in the same election — a felony punishable by 2 to 10 years in prison.” Problem is, it’s all bullshit.

The original selling point of the program was that it “would match possible double voters on multiple points: first, middle and last name; date of birth and the last four digits of Social Security numbers.” Turns out that most of the matches were of names only, and the program even mismatched middle names and Social Security numbers. As Greg Palast noted:

In practice, all it takes to become a suspect is sharing a first and last name with a voter in another state.

The result of that intentionally sloppy practice is that the purge lists disproportionately include African-Americans, Latinos, and Asian-Americans. Why? Because, for cultural reasons, “a sixth of all Asian-Americans share just 30 surnames and 50 percent of minorities share common last names, versus 30 percent of whites.” Here’s what the results look like in graph form:

crosscheck program and minorities

That’s no accident, folks. Blacks (93%), Hispanics (71%), and Asian-Americans (73%) overwhelmingly voted for Obama in 2012. In 2008, it was 95%, 67%, and 62%, respectively. Republicans had to do something about such numbers, since changing their extremist ideology wasn’t an option. So, they figured out a way to purge as many minority voters as possible from the rolls under the cover of preventing non-existent “voter fraud.” Pretty slick. And pretty sick.

Here’s the way it affects three states, including important battleground states this election cycle:

tagged minorities as double voters

In close races, like the Senate races in North Carolina and Georgia, those numbers can mean the difference between victory and defeat, between Harry Reid and Mitch McConnell. Yet, not a word about the Interstate Crosscheck program or the extensive Al Jazeera investigation on Sunday’s “news” shows. Apparently, unless such reporting comes from The New York Times or The Washington Post, it ain’t worth talking about.

NBC’s Chuck Todd did mention voter ID laws to his guest Rand Paul, as did CBS’s Bob Schieffer. Both of them, though, let Paul escape rather easily (Paul claims he generally favors voter ID laws, but thinks the GOP shouldn’t make it a “big issue.” What the hell does that mean? They have made it a big issue.). CNN’s Candy Crowley allowed Paul—is it just a coincidence that Paul, who is trying to snuggle up with African-American voters, appeared on three Sunday shows in order to explain how friendly he is to them?—to advertise his very good idea about restoring voting rights to millions of convicted felons who have served their time, many of them African-Americans. Fine. That would be a great accomplishment. But what’s the chance of getting a majority of Republicans, especially House Republicans, on board? Zero. Ain’t gonna happen. In the mean time, what about the efforts by Republicans all over the country to purge minorities from the rolls? Huh? Silence.

But we did hear from Jonathan Karl, a conservative pretending to be an objective correspondent for ABC’s This Week, that,

in a bid to boost the African-American vote, some Democrats are resorting to scare tactics.

The only reason Republicans like Kris Kobach can get away with voter suppression efforts is because of shitty journalism like that.

As a final note, the state of Missouri is listed by Al Jazeera America as a participant in Kobach’s Interstate Crosscheck program. Our secretary of state is a Democrat, Jason Kander. I have met him and like him very much. So, I called the media contact for the secretary of state’s office, Laura Swinford. I talked with her about the Al Jazeera article and Crosscheck. She didn’t think Missouri was utilizing the program in the same way that Kris Kobach of Kansas and others were doing so, but she said she would get back with me after I sent her the link to the article. I’ll let you know what I find out, if anything.

What Pulaski County, Arkansas, Tells Us About The GOP And The Press

On the surface, it seems like such a small controversy.

In Arkansas, last Tuesday, there was a special election in Pulaski County. The issue was whether the public would approve a tax increase to fund Pulaski Technical College, the state’s largest two-year school. It’s the kind of election that has much to say about local communities and what kind of places they are (for the record, the tax increase lost by a 3-1 margin). But this election, and the controversy attached to it, has much to say about the Republican Party, not only in Arkansas, but across the country. You see, what happened last week is the direct result of the profound fear conservatives have of democracy, of the people. As Think Progress reported:

In 2013, the Arkansas legislature enacted a voter ID law containing a provision requiring absentee voters to include a copy of their ID along with their ballot. The result, according to a statement Pulaski County Election Commissioner Chris Burks gave to the Arkansas Times, is that 76 of the 384 absentee ballots cast in last Tuesday’s election were not counted. Burks added that, “[i]n my opinion, those absentee ballots returned without ID were 76 real people’s votes that would have otherwise counted but for the sloppily drafted Voter ID bill.”

That sloppily drafted Voter ID bill, which robbed some people of their fundamental right to speak in an election, was vetoed by Arkansas’ Democratic Governor Mike Beebe. Republicans, firmly in control of the Arkansas legislature, if not their American senses, overrode the governor’s veto, claiming, as they do all over the country where this anti-democratic spirit thrives, that the law would prevent the non-existent problem of “voter fraud.”

Of course, the only fraud going on is the notion that Republicans give a damn about free and fair elections. They don’t. What they care about is winning elections without appealing to a wide swath of the electorate. And it is an absolute fact that the more people there are who participate in elections, the less likely it is that Republicans will win them. Thus, it is not a scandal in the Republican Party to disenfranchise as many voters as possible, particularly voters who might vote for Democrats. Disenfranchising potentially Democratic voters is the only way Republicans can survive in the short term, as the deadly combination of Tea Party dominance of the party and changing demographics doom the future prospects of the GOP as it is now constituted.

But we Democrats know all that. What we don’t know is this: Why has the mainstream press largely ignored the anti-democratic spirit that now animates the Republican Party? Why isn’t it front-page news that Republicans all over the nation are essentially trying to change the outcomes of elections by making it harder for people to vote? And why don’t those 76 voters in Pulaski County, Arkansas, whose vote didn’t count last week, have their faces on the evening news?

john lewis

Afraid: The GOP War On Voting

I heard a conservative say on Sunday how “admirable” it was for folks to be willing to stand in line for six or seven hours to vote in Florida.

This morning I heard someone on the IQ-crippling morning show on Fox say essentially the same thing. How “dedicated” must those voters be.

All of us with a brain not poisoned by Fox “News” understand that what is going on in Florida and Ohio and elsewhere, in terms of how Republicans have intentionally made it more difficult for people, mostly Democratic people, to vote, would be a famous Fox-fueled scandal if it were reversed.

If Democrats were deliberately limiting or suppressing the voting opportunities of, say, white evangelicals, Fox hosts and guests—including Mitt Romney—would not be disingenuously fawning over those “dedicated” conservative Christians and their willingness to commit half a day—or night—to exercising their right to vote.

No, every minute of Fox broadcast time would be spent on how unpatriotic Democrats are to treat the voting process so shabbily, so self-servingly. “Our brave troops fought and died for that right!” they would sanctimoniously shout. They would demand the Justice Department put a stop to it. Hell, they would beseech GOP Jesus to send down a holy bolt of lightning to fry the oppressors.

The Joplin Globe, on Sunday, editorialized about voting, and offered quotes from famous Americans, including this one from John Kennedy:

A nation that is afraid to let its people judge the truth and falsehood in an open market is a nation that is afraid of its people.

In an editorial about the importance of voting, the Joplin Globe had nothing to say about how “afraid” Republicans are of letting “people judge the truth and falsehood in an open market.” Nothing to say.

♦ Nothing to say about Republicans in Ohio, particularly the secretary of state, who has done everything he can to make it more difficult to vote than it was four years ago, including his latest move, which may even be illegal, to give local election officials the power to invalidate ballots. (There will be a court fight on Monday, if nothing is resolved.)

♦ Nothing to say about onerous voter ID laws, which, as a Pennsylvania Republican stupidly but fortunately admitted, were designed to deliver the election to the Republican presidential candidate.

♦ Nothing to say about right-wing groups like True the Vote—founded just after Mr. Obama took office—whose real goal is to intimidate or delegitimize minority and young voters. Read this article by The New Yorker’s Jane Mayer and cringe at the inquisition-like tactics being used by Republicans—lily white Republicans—against people of color who have voted all their adult lives. (Local inquisitors like Republican honcho John Putnam are using True the Vote tactics here in Southwest Missouri, for God’s sake, a place where Democrats usually poll about 35%.)

♦ Nothing to say about what has been happening in Florida, the lines, the chaos and confusion, the suppression. Republicans there deliberately cut back early voting days, including the Sunday before election day, typically a strong day of voting by African-American voters. And the former Republican governor of that state, Charlie Christ, criticized the current Republican governor for refusing to extend early voting hours, as folks waited a ridiculously long time to vote:

The only thing that makes any sense as to why this is happening and being done is voter suppression. That’s unconscionable. I think it’s just the wrong thing to do. And the right thing to do would be to sign an executive order to make sure this doesn’t happen and you expand the hours.

As one voter there, who waited in line for almost two hours, said:

This is America, not a third-world country.

She forgot, I guess, that since 2010, Florida has been living under Tea Party governance, third-world or otherwise.

All of the disgusting Republican tactics are ostensibly designed to address voter fraud, a problem that doesn’t exist in the form that things like voter ID laws and registration inquisitions would help fix. The New Yorker article quoted a public-policy professor at Rutgers, who said,

It makes no sense for individual voters to impersonate someone. It’s like committing a felony at the police station, with virtually no chance of affecting the election outcome.

Thus, it makes no legal sense that Republicans would spend so much time and effort to attack a problem that is not a problem, but it does make political sense. Again, as John Kennedy would certainly say today, if he were around to witness what Fox “News” and the Joplin Globe and even much of the national press refuse to witness, is that Republicans, who have embraced extremism wholesale, truly are “afraid” to allow people to “judge the truth and falsehood in an open market.

Because when it comes down to it, the conservative spirit, which animates Republican politics today, is and always has been afraid of We the People.


Kansas: Where Seldom Is Heard An Encouraging Word

As a former Kansas boy, I like to keep tabs on the reactionaries back home:

From the Kansas City Star:

TOPEKA | Republicans on Thursday pushed a bill through the Kansas House requiring potential voters to prove their U.S. citizenship ahead of this year’s election, although GOP senators are divided on whether the state will be ready to enforce the rule.

The House approved the bill 81-43, with all of the votes for it coming from Republicans. It would impose the proof-of-citizenship requirement for people registering to vote for the first time in Kansas starting June 15, more than six months ahead of schedule and in time for the normal surge before a presidential election…

Legislators approved a proof-of-citizenship rule last year but — at the Senate’s insistence — it’s not scheduled to take effect until Jan. 1, 2013.

Now, judging from this bill, and the big hurry these Republican legislators are in, one would think that Kansas, in the middle of the country, is plagued with lots of non-citizens voting. Well, of course, there is no such plague.

Kris Kobach, the Kansas Secretary of State* who was the primary drafter of Arizona’s infamous anti-immigration bill, SB 1070, identified a whopping “32 non-citizens on the voter rolls” in 2011.  That’s out of a total of 1.7 million registered voters, the Star notes.

That’s 32 out of 1,700,000.

So, let’s do the math:

32 divided by 1.7 million = .0018823% 

You can see why Republicans are in such a hurry to stop this electoral travesty.

The truth is that Kansas Republicans, like Republicans all over the country, are trying to suppress the votes of minorities, the elderly, and the poor, many of whom lack the ability to comply with these nonsensical and unnecessary laws.

There is no evidence that voter fraud is a problem—anywhere in America. Yet Republicans, who apparently have little confidence in their message, are going to a lot of trouble to fight this non-existent problem.

It is shameful, but not surprising.


* Kobach also works for the legal arm of a group called Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR), whose founder, John Tanton, has said,

I’ve come to the point of view that for European-American society and culture to persist requires a European-American majority, and a clear one at that.

White power!

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