Corporate Crybaby-Callboy

Tom Donohue, head of the U.S. Chamber of Whiners Commerce and the biggest crybaby big-bidness lobbyist in the country, was on The Daily Rundown with Chuck Todd this morning.

Naturally, Donohue was asked about Republicans’ willingness to use the debt ceiling as a negotiating tool and how that might hurt the economy. Donahoe’s biggest worry, of course, is not the economic chaos that flirting with default would bring, but it is our entitlement programs, which, he says, are soon going to consume the entire budget.

I will only post a tiny part of the interview, but before I get to it, I want to show a big, fat graphic that MSNBC put up during the segment:

corporate profits

As that— “the largest after-tax profit quarter in the nation’s history” — fires up your synapses, as you contemplate how much whining these corporate bastards have done about Obama’s allegedly bad-for-bidness policies, follow this:

CHUCK TODD: Corporate profits are up. A lot of corporations have money. Why aren’t they spending that money on creating jobs?

TOM DONOHUE: Well, they have a very serious question—and I hope you’ll do a show on this—the real cliff that’s really scaring us now is the regulatory cliff. They don’t really know how all this Obama health care is gonna go…You look at Dodd-Frank—we’ve only done 25% of the rules—you look at what’s coming out of the EPA, you look at what’s coming out of the Labor Department—

CHUCK TODD: You really believe it’s regulation that is holding business back from spending?

TOM DONOHUE: I think if I’m running a big company, I’m waiting to see what happens on taxes, I’m waiting to see what happens on spending, and I’m waiting to see what happens on the regulatory circumstances. Do I decide two fundamental things: Am I gonna hire more people, am I gonna expand, and where am I gonna do it.

It’s the same old waiting game. Waiting. Waiting. Waiting. The cash is piling up, opportunities are sitting there, but corporations fear regulations, fear having to play by a set of rules that they don’t get to write all by themselves (although they are getting to help write them). Such BS. What a bunch of patriots these bidness people are.

Left out of MSNBC’s graphic on corporate profits, and unfortunately left out of Chuck Todd’s questioning, was this sobering reality, as reported by CNN:

But the record profits come at the same time that workers’ wages have fallen to their lowest-ever share of GDP.

Here is a chart to help us see both corporate profits and workers’ wages as a percentage of the economy over time:


You see that red line? That’s the Donohue line. That’s corporate profits (CP/GDP). See that declining blue line? That’s workers’ wages (WASCUR/GDP), which are going down, down, down, as corporate profits go up, up, up, and their CEOs whine, whine, whine, and wait, wait, wait, and sit, sit, sit, on unimaginably tall piles of cash.

And Tom Donohue, an overpaid corporate callboy, has the nerve to go on television and declare that entitlement spending is going to ruin the country and that,

the real cliff that’s really scaring us now is the regulatory cliff.

If that doesn’t make you chunder chunks in chagrin, nothing will.

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  1. The Chamber of Commerce and greed are the reasons for unemployment and the economic problems in this country. The movement of millions of jobs, especially manufacturing, overseas has caused most of the problems. On top of that, Republicans give the corporate bastards tax breaks for doing it and then get reelected. I am so tired of shills like Roy Blunt repeating this line over and over again while the Chamber and corporate America continue to line his pockets.

    I was speaking with a guy the other day who said that “the American workers priced themselves out of their jobs.” He also mentioned the regulations B.S., too. This guy is paid about $9.00 an hour for exhausting work but believes that the unions are the real problems in this country. When I asked him if he supported a minimum wage, he said yes, because his employer would drop his pay if he could. Welcome to SW Missouri, where information is received from conservative newspapers, Fox Noise, the NRA, and the Farm Bureau. When will these ill-informed people wake up and realize that Roy Blunt, Billy Long, William White, the conservstive media, and others do not represent their economics issues. It is so frustrating.


  2. ansonburlingame

     /  January 12, 2013

    Food for thought, very simple “food”,

    If Corporate profits went up by $1 plus Trillion, as shown, then why did GDP only go up a few $10s (or maybe $200) Billion? In other words why did we have such a huge spike in “profits” yet no (or little) effect on economic growth? The last time I checked, one had to SELL much more than $1 to make a profit of $1. Selling is a reflection of a growing economy (GDP), I think.

    As for “greed” being the cause of our problems (as claimed by Hight), well do only corporations (which are not “people”?) have a lock on such greed causing our economic turmoil? How, as well, can a “non-people thing” have very human behavior, common to all humans, greed?

    I won’t try to argue with how the “curve” above was constructed. Instead I will only ask how to “fix” it. Does taking from (some call it robbing) Peter to pay Paul using government force fix those kinds of things in a supposedly free society? Obviously you all herein call for “regulation”, more of it, which for sure means less “freedom” does it not, at least by “people”, freedom of choices.

    Finally, I will offer a “guess” as to why such profits went up. The profits were made “over there”, not here in America (like iPhone profits). Now why did that happen? Probably because, in large part, labor costs only $3 per hour in China but around $80 per hour in America. Change that and watch the cost of an iPhone go through the roof such that few would ever be able to buy one, an iPhone, etc.

    All of that is a pretty complex set of variables it seems to me and the solutions are far from simple, like robbing Peter to pay Paul.



  3. As clarification, the corporation’s officers–the CEOs, COOs, Board of Directors, etc.–are the people causing the unemployment and economic problems. Corporations are not people, but if conservatives insist they are, then they should pay “people” taxes and be forced to “people” laws, regulations, and social restrictions.


  4. Anonymous

     /  January 12, 2013

    I have always found the Chamber of Commerce to be somewhat hypocritical. We hear them locally say that we should “buy local” on the radio here in Joplin, but they have no problem with companies going overseas for the cheap labor, as Anson suggests. Now we, as consumers, have various ways to save money, mostly from buying items on the internet. Corporations will always go for cheaper labor, consumers will always go for cheaper products. It seems if the corporations would pay a little more here, them maybe I would be willing as a consumer to buy locally and not on the internet or even traveling to other towns for larger purchases. Unfortunately, unless people overseas will stop working for much less than we consumers can save on the internet, we will be waiting a long time for my desired equilibrium on this matter.



  5. ansonburlingame

     /  January 13, 2013


    You offer “Buy American (only)” goods and services. Great idea but in a free society it doesn’t work and never has. You could put a iPhone, “made in America”, in Best Buy and another, “made in China”. One would cost about $1000 (or more), and the other at the current price of about $400 (or less).

    We have seen the same thing with autos, goods at Wal Mart, etc. The free choices by consumers result in what we see today, profits for “over there” goods and services and little earned for such “made in America” (and thus less and less made in America)

    The “Hight solution”, actually the union and general Democrat solutions are to “regulate” such choices. Even the ridiculous phrase above, “tax corporations like people” is an attempt to regulate PEOPE, corporate leaders, through the tax code. I suppose Higt and others would attempt, democratically to levy “people tax codes” on businesses (different people).

    Go ahead and do so, democratically, and just watch more and more money, “made in America money” fly like bats out of a cave to “over there”!!! But you can “fix that one too” through even MORE regulation. You can “regulate” us till the cows come home in America.

    But in doing so, liberty, freedom of choice, is sacrificed as well. Is that the way you want America to “run” today, more and more restrictions on freedom and liberty through regulations?

    It is really “simple”, in my view. An economic system is governed by supply and demand.
    Democrats want to dictate, through government force BOTH of them. ACA, just as an example now will dictate DEMAND (HC insurance). “Regulate” businesses (real people) through the tax code and you wind up dictating PRICE (by restricting supply) from “over there”).

    Keep doing that and we see government force dictating all kinds of things and not a free market. Hello Soviet Union in the extreme and Europe to a lesser degree today. Is that the “traditional” America solution to economic (or even geopolitical) problems, restricting free choice and thus liberty?



    • Anonymous

       /  January 15, 2013

      Anson, Actually I am just pointing out the hypocrisy of the Chamber of Commerce. On one hand they say we should buy locally. That is fine, but then why would that not work nationally? I purchase more and more over the internet. These purchases mostly come from other states. I am not buying locally if I can find it cheaper on line. However, if I knew of a local company that treated its workers well, I would be more than willing to buy from them. But when they are simply selling products produced over seas, why should I feel obligated to buy them locally?



  6. Jane Reaction

     /  January 13, 2013

    For God’s sake, Anson, tell me you don’t really think our workers make $80 an hour. A day perhaps.
    How did you manage to ignore the graphic of corporate profit at $1.7 trillion? They are simply never going to invest in this country. They haven’t since the election of George W. Bush.


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