The Best Political Ad You Will Ever, Ever, Ever See

Although it has been out for a few days, I just saw the entire ad this morning. And it gives me hope that Democrats, and America, have a future. I don’t know who conceived, produced, or otherwise creatively contributed to the piece of art below, but Democratic honchos ought to hire them and make them work 24 hours a day from now until, well, forever. Wow:



  1. Great ad. And here’s something else inspiring: Progressive Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez just kicked Democratic establishment leader Joe Crowley’s big banking ass in a 15-point primary rout. Crowley was the 4th ranking Dem in the House. Good turnout. A lesson in energizing the heart and soul of the Democratic Party. Progressives will turn out the vote in November — not corporatists.


    • We will need all Democrats to turn out, not just Democratic Socialists. The math simply doesn’t work otherwise. But I do admire her ability to take down a giant. She apparently fits well within her district and will, I am sure, represent her constituents well. The problem is that most of the quasi-winnable districts for Democrats don’t look like hers. Thus, the candidates in those districts will have to reflect the will of those particular voters, whatever that is, or be authentic enough and articulate enough to make the case for more progressive policies than many voters are inclined to embrace. Either way, this is an all-hands-on-deck moment. Centrists and progressives and Democratic Socialists versus the GOP monster. The first order of business is to politically kill, or at least severely wound, the beast.


      • Fair enough — but going forward: a taste of progressivism might prove addicting to dems and independents alike. Someday ——-


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